Tuesday, 4 February 2014


 I've suffered from dry/ sensitive skin all my life so when I was pregnant I was wishing that Alfie wouldn't get my skin and get his daddies. Alfies skin can be slightly dry now and again but nothing like me so I make sure I keep his skin moisturised and use lotion after his bath and use the best products for bathtime. 

I came across miamoo on twitter and was very impressed- they use only natural ingredients to keep skin feeling and looking healthy. I knew I needed to give their products a try and here I am. I've been giving the opportunity to review their travel set. 

On first impressions the set looks cute and quirky. The products come in the see-through case so perfect for travelling as they are all in one place and can find them easily. The products are 30ml apart from the cream in the tub that is 10ml. Just enough for holidays. 

Also a perfect idea for mummy's hospital bag! 

They have quirky names too which is a brilliant idea- especially for an older child. And the theme of moo cows are carried on throughout. 

The products smell fresh and not over-powering. It's the perfume in products that irrtate sensitive skin so these washs and creams are perfect for babies. The scent is only slight but I could smell the shampoo the next day which is very rare as the scent often disappear within a few hours! 

You also get this flannel too!

We used all the products on Alfie's skin and we saw an improvement of the appearance of his skin after a few days and also my own. ( I couldn't resist, I had to try them to!) 

Alfie had lots of bubbles to play with (and try and eat!!!!) in the bath when we used the splashy wash, a little goes a long way with this bubble bath. 

The cheeky cream was one of our favourites, we have had lots of dribble which has given Alfie a very sore face. The cheeky cream worked amazing!! So impressed. 

As you can see the cheeky cream is thick so it gives lots of moisture for skin in need of TLC, it doesn't leave your skin greasy. It's very easily absorbed. By far our favourite product in the travel set. It works amazing on my dry hands and also used it as a barrier cream! So many uses for one cream! I will be stocking up on this cream. 

The price tag is good considering the quality of the product, the travel set retails at £15-00. You can have a look at it on their website here http://www.miamoo.co.uk/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=MM1506

miamoo have kindly offered all my readers, 10% off with voucher code- Blog13 

Perfect for the whole family, I would recommend :-)


  1. Aww lovely! I really need to branch out with different baby products this time around I think xx

    1. These ones are fab, you won't be disappointed :)