Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The ordinary moments- visiting family

We try to visit family at the weekends, it's nice to go and see how everyone is and they love to see Alfie for abit. 

We don't live far from our families but both our families work so we leave it to the weekends when they're off. Alfie enjoys seeing other people as he gets lots of attention from all our families and he loves all the attention being on him.

It's nice for me to be able to sit down with a cup of tea and have a chat with everyone while Alfie plays instead of getting up every 30seconds to run after him and get something off him that he's not meant to have. 

I love our families seeing him as he's growing so quickly and everytime we go round he's doing something new so it's lovely to be able to share his development with them.

It makes me so proud when I see my family and my boyfriends family with him as they love him so much and he adores them too! 

In his walker at grandads. 

Worn out while playing at nana and grandads. 

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  1. I love taking Eliot to see family too, he loves the attention and they adore him x

  2. He really is gorgeous. That shot of him in his baby walker is stunning. We love going to see our family too, they really make a fuss of them and it's nice to get some help with them too. ;) x

    1. Thank you Katie. It's nice to be able to drink a hot cup of tea haha! xx