Thursday, 27 February 2014

My baby is 10months!..

Hello Alfie! 

It's mummy here, I'm actually writing this at3am. You woke up and was jumping around mummy and daddies bed, your asleep now but I don't dare to put you back in your cot incase you wake up and this is the only time I get cuddles off you so I'll enjoy them a little longer. 

So then Alfie, your 10months. Now that is scary for mummy. Your loving getting older and more independent and a cheeky monkey. You have your own personality and your a very well behaved boy really. 

You love climbing up things, standing and crawling so fast that mummy has to run after you! Your always getting up to mischief and only want things you can't have, so everything is out of reach at the moment. Your especially drawn to mummies cup of tea in the morning! And you love the controls especially when mummy has her programmes on! 

Your taking steps with your walker, you love it. So glad I bought you it, you don't do it when anybody is watching we have to watch you out the corner of our eye to catch a glimpse of you walking aided by your walker. 

You love playing, you only really play with your toys when we put them in a circle around you, even then you get bored but at least you play for a while. You r favourite toy is your moo cow moosical beads toy. You laugh at the moo noise! You do make me laugh. 

You enjoy dancing, especially to mister maker shape song and alphablocks theme tune. You also love dancing to buddy holly and Elvis. You bob up and down and wiggle your bum. It's adorable! And grandad is very proud you love that music.

You've took a shine to trying to get up the stairs, mummy needs to get a stair gate soon but for now you only do it when someone's upstairs and you want to be nosey! We manage to catch you in time so for now that's ok. 

When your older your going to hate me for saying this but you LOVE kisses!! If we ask for a kiss you lean towards us and give us a big smooch!! :) 

Your growing very quickly! Your still in 6-9 in some bits but others we've started to put you in 9-12. Mummy can't believe how small your clothes used to be- you were tiny but it's gone so fast. 

Now we have established weaning you are getting chubbier, you used to be quite skinny. You do enjoy your food- you have breakfast, dinner and tea. You have milk when you get up, at dinner time and before bed. 

You still like your dummy to go to sleep, you can have it for a bit longer yet. Mummy had her dummy until she was 4!!!) 

You enjoy going for walks (ride in your pushchair) round the park and you love going on the swings. You giggle away and think it's brilliant. It will be better when it gets warmer, it's still a little chilly but we have a nice walk anyway. Makes a change and we get some fresh air. 

You are trying to say quite abit now, you say 'hiya' and wave everytime someone says hello and goodbye.. Even on the tele. Your dad taught you to say 'I don't know' and you have started saying 'what's that'! You still say Dada constantly and sometimes slip mama in there too. You only usually say mama when you want something though. 

You have another tooth coming through, so that will be 5teeth when that one eventually grows down. Your hair is getting thick now and mummy did have to neaten it up round your ears as it was growing very quick over them! You like getting your hair brushed, it relaxes you. 
Your not keen on getting your teeth brushed, you try to close your mouth and when I do start brushing you pull away to swallow the toothpaste! Yum.. I'm sure you'll get used to it very soon. 

You still like your baths but you keep trying to stand up!! 

You sleep from 7-30pm to 7am.. You nap at 10am til11-30 and then at 2-half3. 

You always try to make mummy and daddy laugh, and your a lovely little boy. I'm very proud of you and all you do. 

Love you lots little man! 
From Mummy. 


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Canvas Design Review

When Canvas Design were looking for bloggers to receive and review a canvas with your own choice of photo I jumped at the chance, if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I am OBSESSED with taking photos and I have millions of photo frames dotted around the house. So this review is perfect for me. 

Canvas Design have been printing canvas since 2004, and have even been used for 60min makeover! The prices start at £7-99& go up to £59-99, sizes from 6inches to 40. They pride themselves on being unbeatable on price and I can see why. The quality of the photo and the canvas frame is simply great!! 

I sent in a good quality photograph so I chose this photo that my sister took on her camera as all my photos are taken on my iPhone. This picture means a lot to me, i remember when this was taken and he's looking at me with his gorgeous smile. 

The photo! 

The canvas pride of place in our bedroom! 

It's such great quality, the picture isn't grainy which you often find on canvas photos. The canvas frame is also good quality and sturdy! 

The canvas was packaged really really well so that it was protected on it's journey. No harm could have come to it even if it tried. You get your fixtures to put on yourself which takes two seconds, when you work it out! (Ahem, not very DIY ready)! 

Brilliant service and brilliant canvas at affordable prices! AND free48 hour delievery.. What more could you want?! 

I am already planning on buying one as a birthday present for a family member and seeing as though I now have a DSLR I'm sure I'll be buying more to put up around the house! 

One of these canvas would be perfect for a special thoughtful present for mothers day too. The lovely people at Canvas Designs have offered my readers 15% off their canvas, simply enter the code BLOG15. Remember the delievery is free! 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Looking Back On My Pregnancy

I loved being pregnant, I loved that I was growing a little person that was half of me and half of my boyfriend. I loved my bump and loved seeing my baby wriggling around in my tummy.

Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and I honestly can say, it was one of the happiest times of my life (having Alfie was obviously the most happiest) I was so happy that I was expecting and I was so confident when I was. I don't know why but I loved showing off my bump in tight tops and leggings. 

Some of the pregnancy wasn't nice and I did worry quite a bit. I wanted to protect my baby from everything, I worried about what I ate and what I breathed in. I was abit too over protective but I just didn't want anything to happen to my little baby inside of me. He was my priority and I would do anything to protect him and still do!

I had a bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, about 14weeks pregnant I think. It was only slight but there was blood. It was the most terrifying time of my life and I don't think I actually told anyone at the time apart from the midwives at the hospital. I was scared my body didn't want my baby but all was fine and my baby was very happy in there. They said it must of been old blood. 

I ended up on iron tablets which were abit of a pain but there was a risk of needing a blood transfusion if my iron levels weren't high enough when I gave birth so they were for the best. 

All the blood tests were worth it, I didn't mind them because I knew they were to make sure I was okay to grow my baby. Even though I am terrified of needles. 

I didn't care about getting stretch marks, I carried a 8lb3oz baby around in my tummy. I'm going to have stretch marks.

I had days where I thought I hadn't felt my baby kick, often when your busy you don't feel them kicking and shuffling around but I did worry. I used to sit there talking to my bump and poking and tickling my tummy. I would lie awake all night trying hard to concentrate for kicks. Most of the time he moved but sometimes he didn't. I was so worried that he wasn't ok so I did have a few episodes of going up to the hospital to get checked. And then he would have a party in there! And I looked so silly. The midwives always told me it was fine and if I wanted to go talk to them I could. Which made me feel better as I didn't feel I was wasting there time. 

I ended up going quite a few times due to reduced movements and at 38weeks they have me an ultrasound scan, they checked he was getting enough oxygen through the placenta and he was fine. His heart rate was fine so i went on my way. It's better to be safe than sorry so if you ever feel like you want to talk to a midwive, please talk to them! 

I really can't wait to do it all again. I want Alfie to have a brother or a sister, I want to make sure he's never alone. Yes, he has me and his daddy but it's not the same. I want to make sure he always has a friend, I never want my baby to be lonely. 

Roll on baby number2! 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

TheOrdinaryMoments- Photography

I'm one of those people that is constantly snapping away on my phone, more so after having Alfie. I think my obsession from creating memories that last forever come from my dad. He was always using the camcorder and recording us, we have millions of home videos at my dads that he recently put onto DVD. I used to spend all of Sunday with a home video on, it was lovely to see myself growing up and how quickly I developed and what I got up to when I was little. My dad bought me a camcorder when I was pregnant with Alfie so I can constantly record Alfie like he did with me and my sisters. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at remembering to take it out with me but there are some lovely videos of the first few weeks with my little newborn on my camcorder that I will cherish forever. 

Cameras are so good on phones these days that I constantly snap away on my phone, I have had to transfer lots of pictures onto the laptop as I keep using up all my memory on my pictures! 

I love looking at photos, my house is filled with photo frames and I love seeing pictures of my Alfie wherever I go. 

I love those nights when you just sit down and flick through your photo albums and gaze up at your photos and remember when they were taken and memories come flooding back. 

I have just recently bought a NikonD3000, I need to get a lens for it and them I'm good to go. I'm so excited to create even more memories with my new camera! :-) 

mummy daddy me

Silent Sunday


Saturday, 22 February 2014


Yesterday we went to feed the ducks, we didn't end up really feeding the ducks as the silly seagulls kept stealing the bread of them! 

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts

Friday, 21 February 2014


This week Alfie seems to be so grown up- I just watch him playing and can't help but burst with pride. He's a lovely little boy and I'm so proud of all he's achieved so far. Yesterday (Thursday, 20thFeb) he stood up all by himself not pulling himself up on anything just stood up, I couldn't believe my eyes and that is why I'm very proud this week :) 

The Reading Residence


Are you always dropping your phone? Have you had to pay a silly amount to get the screen replaced? Yep, me too! Dropping my phone is a daily ocurance for me and I'm sure many others. I never use a case on my phone, which is abit silly seeing as though as I'm really clumsy with it!

 When MrNutcase were looking for bloggers to review their personalised phone case I thought why not, my phone screen has smashed not long ago resulting in a £60 repair job. And I have a crack in it again!!? (Stupid iPhones) so I'm trying to be extra careful so it doesn't crack more! So I thought I would give a phone case another try. 

The process of creating your phone case is quite simple and easy and there are many photo arrangements you can choose for your case. I went with the 6frames. You download your image and then drag it onto the virtual phone case and crop it and move it about til it's perfect. You have a preview option so you can make sure it's exactly how you want it, my design changed many times! The checkout process is simple and easy. 

The delivery was super duper quick! It took two days to arrive which I was so impressed with! I didn't expect it so soon so when it kept through the letter box I was pleasantly surprised!

 The pictures are clear considering they've been printed on a phone case and the colours are bright. However, I do have a purple line going up from the bottom left hand side. It doesn't bother me too much but it wouldn't be good if you bought it as a present for someone. 

That being said I love my phone case and it has lots of special photos on it! 
and the case keeps my phone safe from anymore bumps. 

How gorgeous are the photos!?!

The cost of this phone case is £14-95. 

A personalised phone case would make a great personal touch to a present for Mother's Day coming up soon! 

*i was sent a phone case free of charge for exchange of an honest review. 

Sudocrem Care& Protect

I've used Sudocrem- the Antiseptic healing cream for a while now for my eczema so when I was pregnant I made sure I stocked up on it for Alfie to create a barrier from nappy rash and protect his beautifully soft skin from getting sore.

Luckily we haven't experienced nappy rash as of yet, I do use sudocrem when I actually remember to during nappy changes. 

Sudocrem have many products available including- Moisturising mousses and Sun screen mousse.

As an eczema sufferer I have to keep on top of my skin and sudocrem is perfect for me. 

We were recently sent a tube of sudocrem care and protect cream, it's runnier than anti-septic healing cream but the solution is thick making it very moisturising. This is fine with us because Alfie hasn't suffered from nappy rash we only need a moisturising cream to prevent nappy rash making it's appearance and this works perfect. It kept him moisturised in between nappy change and kept the irritation at bay. 

Top- Care and protect cream 50g £3-99
Bottom- Antiseptic Healing Cream 125g- £2-59 

Sudocrem say..
'Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is clinically proven to care for delicate skin, forming a barrier that protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain a natural healthy glow and supple condition' 
It was perfect for me, my skin feels very supple, soft and looks loads better. I get dry patches here and there on my face and these eventually disappeared after using this cream making my skin look more glowing and even. 

I often use the anti-septic healing sudocrem as a face mask at night, but makes my face go white so I need something less thick for in the day and this absorbs very easily into my skin, perfect to use while I'm getting ready. I will be purchasing this cream again when our tube runs out, I don't think me and Alfie will be able to live without it now. 

The care and protect cream is perfect for preventing nappy rash where as the healing cream is used for treating nappy rash. 

It's a must have for the babies changing bag and mummies make up bag! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Alfies Book Collection

After reading Lucinda's guest post- the importance of reading that I posted on my blog a little while ago I ran to the shops to get some books. I didn't realise that i could read to Alfie now but he does love it and laughs along when I'm reading.

We now have a little collection; flappy books, colourful books and a book with a pig finger puppet! 

I saw the this little piggy book when I went to mamas and papas the other day- he has a butterfly one at my dads house and he giggles away when we read it to him so when I spotted this piggy one I had to get it! It's the 'this little piggy' rhyme so has a nice flow to the book aswell as entertaining Alfie with the piggy. RRP £3-99. 

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalos child- I love this books!! They really remind me of Christmas after watching the short films for years! They rhyme and are a pleasure to read, the pictures are engaging for Alfie (but I think I enjoy these books more!!)  they do have a lot of words though so Alfie does get bored but as he gets older he'll probably enjoy sitting still (fingers crossed) and listening to a story!

Room on the broom- another book by Julia Donaldson. She is so talented and I love reading her stories. I hope likes them as much as me as he gets older! 

Dear zoo, this book has been around for years!! I remember reading it when I was at school, Alfie loves the brightly coloured pictures and the flaps. He loves opening them himself. He likes the monkey page the most and giggles away at him sat there eating a banana. The flap pages keep him engaged and there isn't many words so the book keeps him involved and alert. 

All aboard the pirate ship, my sister bought this when she was studying child care. This was actually Alfies first book he got given and I completely forgot about it until I was sorting through his newborn keepsakes. It's a brilliant book, it is a flap book and has flaps under flaps so Alfie thinks it is great! It is still abit much for him as he is only 9months but as he gets older he'll will find the actual story more interesting and it's a lovely book. 

You can buy books in supermarkets and book shops. You can also go to the library and borrow books! 

I love reading and I hope Alfie is the same. We will keep adding books to his collection so he ends up with a good few so he has lots of choice of book when he starts reading. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The ordinary moments- visiting family

We try to visit family at the weekends, it's nice to go and see how everyone is and they love to see Alfie for abit. 

We don't live far from our families but both our families work so we leave it to the weekends when they're off. Alfie enjoys seeing other people as he gets lots of attention from all our families and he loves all the attention being on him.

It's nice for me to be able to sit down with a cup of tea and have a chat with everyone while Alfie plays instead of getting up every 30seconds to run after him and get something off him that he's not meant to have. 

I love our families seeing him as he's growing so quickly and everytime we go round he's doing something new so it's lovely to be able to share his development with them.

It makes me so proud when I see my family and my boyfriends family with him as they love him so much and he adores them too! 

In his walker at grandads. 

Worn out while playing at nana and grandads. 

You can link your post and read others ordinary moments! 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birth Story

On the 27th April 2013, I gave birth to my baby boy Alfie Martin. Born by emergency c-section at 12-41am weighing 8lb3oz. It wasn't the most straight forward but he was safe, that's all that mattered to me. 

I found out I was pregnant at 9weeks&5days and the pregnancy was very straight forward up until I passed the 40week mark. At my 38week appointment, my blood pressure was up and I had protein in my wee so I got sent up to the hospital, I was monitored and everything was fine. So the last two weeks carried on as normal, at my 40week appointment my blood pressure was high again. She measured my bump and then checked my blood pressure again and said it had gone down again! My body was playing tricks on us. So I went on my way. Alfie's due date came and went, no twinges no nothing. I had a sweep at 40+7, and she booked me in for my induction. I think I was in denial about the whole thing, I didn't really believe that I had a baby in there. Even though I could feel his movements and I bought everything, I just felt like I was in a dream. My sweep wasn't too bad, was a little uncomfortable but nothing to worry about. I didn't really think my sweep did much at the time but I went into labour 3days later. 

I woke in labour, I woke up having pains but didn't even think it was labour. I tried to get back to sleep and I did manage to for half an hour and then woke with the same pains. They were like 3minutes apart these pains and they were getting stronger. The pains were in my back which made me think it wasn't labour just really bad backache. After I got up and had been to the toilet a few times I noticed blood, I was very scared! And it kept coming, bits at a time. I thought it might have been my mucus plug but it was too bloody for my liking so I rang the ante-natal assessment centre they weren't busy so told me to come up and just have a once over. The car ride was the most horrible I had ever been on, I know why now though because I WAS in labour!! 

We got there and they hooked me up to the monitor straight away, they kept coming in and checking and then leaving us. I was on the monitor for about 2hours and a half, during this time the monitor kept flashing at me like something was wrong but then recovering. I was abit worried and did mention this to the midwife and she said that the monitor was losing contact, that was good enough for me she knew what she was doing, right!?! Wrong!! Just as she was about to take me off the machine started flashing and started beeping and she frantically got me off the monitor and shouted for someone to get me a wheelchair. She said she had to get us up to the labour ward immediataly. She shouted for someone else to ring the labour ward, it was all so quick and frantic all these people running around me so I started shaking uncontrollably, crying and finding it hard to catch my breath. The midwife was actually running with my wheelchair, we got to the labour ward and they took me straight to a room, hooked me back up as quick as possible. Thankfully, everything was ok again but they only realised at the labour ward that I was contracting every 3mins and was 3cm dilated when they checked me. I thought to my self this isn't too bad, I thought contractions would be worse. 

For hours and hours I just sat there reading magazines,chatting to my bf, staring out my room window at the beautiful Lincoln Cathedrel. It was quite relaxing. Not forgetting bouncing on my beloveded birthing ball. After a while my contractions were getting quite painful and when I hooked back up to the monitor Alfie's heart rate was low again. 
They broke my waters, which just looked like poo, poor Alfie was in distress. Seeing that made me sick, I was just getting so worried about my boy. A doctor ran in and told me that he needed to prick Alfie's head to get some blood to make sure he was getting enough oxygen, it took an hour or so to get a blood sample but it came back that Alfie was fine. They checked how much dilated I was at around 9pm and I was 7cm!! I was so proud of myself. I was getting uncomfortable by this point so I asked if I could have an epidural, they told me that I didn't really need one because I had got so far and would have my baby soon but I insisted that I wanted one so they gave in. Even though there actually was no point because when the monitor got put back on after putting my epidural in Alfie's heart rate was very dangerously low like seriously low that they needed to get him out. And my heart rate was very high, it just wasn't an ideal situation really. About 10doctors came in reading my notes and discussing my situation, they checked how dilated I was and I had gone down from 7cm to 6cm- one of them asked me if I was willing to have a section I told them to get him out. I was very upset and my whole body was shaking, I don't know if it had something to do with my heart rate or me getting worried but my boyfriend told me it was very scary and it looked like I was having a fit. My midwife and my boyfriend got scrubs on and we was wheeled down to theatre. 

This bit is always such a blur when I try to remember but I know it was freezing cold and looked very old and they had the radio on. I kept asking if I was going to die, I know very dramatic aren't i!! I had never had an operation or even been to the doctors much before pregnancy so this was like a whole new world to me and I hear horror stories so I was really scared. My boyfriend was crying because I was I think and he knew Alfie just couldn't cope and neither could i. A sheet got put up to my chest and all the midwives were chatting to me, and I just asked if they had started and my boyfriend told me they started about 5mins ago, I was like oooh ok, I didn't even realise. I saw my baby a few minutes later, he didn't cry- he choked and the he was fine. He still didn't cry. He was so chilled out- looking at the lights and my bf. I wish I saw him properly when he was born!! They showed me him but I can't actually remember properly. He was kicking away- even at seconds old he didn't stay still. Eyes wide open- looking at everything and everyone. No one could believe how alert he was considering he had just been born. The midwives said he looked like a 3month old!!! 

After all the stiching up and doing what they needed to do, they wheeled me back to my room and Zach pushed Alfie in his little plastic cot. They gave me him as soon as we got in and just stared at him all night!

My happy bonding time with my baby was short lived when a midwife came and told me she cut her finger while carrying out my cesarean so I needed various blood tests and a catheter in my hand for anti-biotics! Ace.. I was so drugged up, I didn't even flinch I just sat there chatting away to my baby and boyfriend. After they had finished messing about with needles they left us alone. Zach went to sleep and i just sat at stared at my baby from about1in the morning till7. The time flew, and Zach woke up and asked me why I hadn't got him taken off me so I could go to sleep. I didn't want to sleep, I was so happy just holding my baby and watching the sun coming up over Lincoln. I was hoping that day I would be able to at least go to down to the post natal ward but they wouldn't let me because I hadn't eaten anything And my blood pressure was extremely high so I just sat in that room all day. Zach left to have a shower and get changed and come back later on, I didn't want him to go and I roared like a baby. Even Alfie never cried like I did! I just was scared of being on my own, I couldn't move, I was stuck in bed and I couldn't lean to get a drink or put my baby down or even pick him up. My body just couldn't move. I lost my midwife buzzer at one point and Alfie was crying, I couldn't get him out his plastic cot and I couldn't reach my buzzer so I tried to sit up but my body felt really heavy and I couldn't physically. After 5mins of trying to move, the midwife came in and asked if I was ok. I told her I couldn't find my buzzer and that Alfie was crying. She gave me Alfie and I breastfed him. 

The midwives were brilliant really, they came every 10mins to check my blood pressure. But it wasn't going down. I wouldn't eat or drink. So I had to be fed through a drip. 

Zach went home that night again and I roared. I was scared, he left his number at the midwives station incase they needed to contact him incase anything happened. He obviously knew something I didn't? I didn't think I was that ill but I must have been.. again I couldn't reach Alfie and he was crying. I had my buzzer this time so I rang it. I asked them to give me Alfie and they did. I tried breastfeeding him but he didn't seem to be latching on, I think I was so tired that I wasn't patient and the midwives could tell I was stressed. She asked me if I wanted them to feed him by a cup. I hadn't slept since the Friday and it was now the Sunday. I hadn't eaten or drank anything either since Thursday tea time so they tried to get me to go to sleep at least but I couldn't. They took Alfie to feed him by a cup (they did this so he didn't start latching onto a bottle teat) i didn't sleep though, Zach had bought me cards for the tele so I watched teIe and managed to fall asleep for an hour or so. 

I woke up when the midwife came to check my blood pressure, it was still high. The midwife had to go get the doctor and the doctor told me that I needed to eat and drink something as that might help my body get back on track. I had a bite of a cheese and tomato sandwich and was sick. The midwife came to chat to me about Alfie and told me that when she was feeding him they noticed he was abit yellow-y so they took him and put him under a light. I didn't even know they did this til the next day!! I was so angry with myself that I couldn't do what I needed to do. 

That day a lady came to do Alfie's newborn checks, she said she could hear a slight heart murmur so needed to take him up to the special baby unit to give him proper checks. She took him and I just sat there staring into space, he was gone for an hour and they told me he was a really good boy. All his checks we're fine and they were very happy with him so that also helped me lower my stress levels.

The doctor that told me to eat came back that afternoon and asked me if I had eaten.. Nope. She did a CT scan on my chest and the results were fine. They were so confused as to why my blood pressure was high, I didn't look ill and I felt absolutely fine. They rang the X-ray department and asked if I could have a X-ray. I went down that tea time and the x ray results were back within an hour. Everything was fine. They checked my blood pressure again and it had gone down slightly. Still high but lower than it was so they said I could go down to the post natal ward, I went down there the next morning. I felt a million times better after I had moved to the next ward, that delivery room was making me stressed and after being up there for 3days It felt lovely to have a change of scenery! Over that day my blood pressure was getting lower, they were pleased with my progress. I managed to get myself out of bed that day too and could finally change my sons nappy and pick him up and put him down with no hassle. I couldn't stand up straight but that's expected if you've had an operation on your body. 

That day, I had visitors. My family and my boyfriends family. They wanted to see me on the Saturday but in the state I was in the midwives said it's best to wait and not to put stress on myself. They came on the Monday. They loved him so much and had cuddles. Just before my dad was supposed to be visiting us, my scar was leaking.. I'm not sure what it was. It wasn't blood. They changed my dressing and I was ready for visitors. It was quite nice to see my family but I don't think they liked seeing me how I was. I was just sat in my bed not saying much. And as white as a ghost.

I really desperately wanted to go home but they wouldn't let me, everyone on my ward came and went. And I just stayed there. I hated being on a ward with everyone else, my boyfriend said he would buy me a private room but they were £60 a night and I was hoping I would be going home soon so I grinned and beared it. 

On the Tuesday I was allowed to go home, 4whole days since I arrived I was finally allowed to leave. We had to wait around for all my drugs I needed to take which wasn't till after tea but I was so happy that I got told I was allowed to go home that I ate and drank that day and looked loads more human. It's more of a mind thing, if I tell myself I'm ok then I am. Me and the bf got all my stuff packed up, yes there was lots of stuff!! We sat on the bed and watched abit of tele too! The physio came to check my tummy and told me to do stomach exercises when I get home so my muscles can close up and had abit of paper work to fill in. 

When they came to give me my drugs I was so happy, I could go home yay!!!! We got Alfie in his pram suit and popped him in his car seat and waited for our lift. Our life was beginning with our baby, and I couldn't have been happier!