Friday, 21 February 2014

Sudocrem Care& Protect

I've used Sudocrem- the Antiseptic healing cream for a while now for my eczema so when I was pregnant I made sure I stocked up on it for Alfie to create a barrier from nappy rash and protect his beautifully soft skin from getting sore.

Luckily we haven't experienced nappy rash as of yet, I do use sudocrem when I actually remember to during nappy changes. 

Sudocrem have many products available including- Moisturising mousses and Sun screen mousse.

As an eczema sufferer I have to keep on top of my skin and sudocrem is perfect for me. 

We were recently sent a tube of sudocrem care and protect cream, it's runnier than anti-septic healing cream but the solution is thick making it very moisturising. This is fine with us because Alfie hasn't suffered from nappy rash we only need a moisturising cream to prevent nappy rash making it's appearance and this works perfect. It kept him moisturised in between nappy change and kept the irritation at bay. 

Top- Care and protect cream 50g £3-99
Bottom- Antiseptic Healing Cream 125g- £2-59 

Sudocrem say..
'Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is clinically proven to care for delicate skin, forming a barrier that protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain a natural healthy glow and supple condition' 
It was perfect for me, my skin feels very supple, soft and looks loads better. I get dry patches here and there on my face and these eventually disappeared after using this cream making my skin look more glowing and even. 

I often use the anti-septic healing sudocrem as a face mask at night, but makes my face go white so I need something less thick for in the day and this absorbs very easily into my skin, perfect to use while I'm getting ready. I will be purchasing this cream again when our tube runs out, I don't think me and Alfie will be able to live without it now. 

The care and protect cream is perfect for preventing nappy rash where as the healing cream is used for treating nappy rash. 

It's a must have for the babies changing bag and mummies make up bag! 


  1. I always had Sudocrem when my girls were younger....In fact I still think I have some in the cupboard....
    Great review!

  2. We use this too, I love that it is so thick and oily as it keeps all traces of nappy rash at bay! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. I've never found Sudocrem to work for us but I'm glad it's been so effective for your little boy.

  4. I do love the smell of Sudocrem! I like the idea of this being a bit smoother and spreadable than the usual cream.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. I use sudocrem religiously but have never seen this before, I'll keep a look out for it in future, thanks! x

  6. I love sudocrem I have use it for all 4 of my children #TriedTested

  7. I really like the idea that it's a bit runnier than the standard Sudocrem, I have grown fed up of the thickness of that and opted for smoother balms recently! x