Monday, 24 February 2014

Looking Back On My Pregnancy

I loved being pregnant, I loved that I was growing a little person that was half of me and half of my boyfriend. I loved my bump and loved seeing my baby wriggling around in my tummy.

Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and I honestly can say, it was one of the happiest times of my life (having Alfie was obviously the most happiest) I was so happy that I was expecting and I was so confident when I was. I don't know why but I loved showing off my bump in tight tops and leggings. 

Some of the pregnancy wasn't nice and I did worry quite a bit. I wanted to protect my baby from everything, I worried about what I ate and what I breathed in. I was abit too over protective but I just didn't want anything to happen to my little baby inside of me. He was my priority and I would do anything to protect him and still do!

I had a bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, about 14weeks pregnant I think. It was only slight but there was blood. It was the most terrifying time of my life and I don't think I actually told anyone at the time apart from the midwives at the hospital. I was scared my body didn't want my baby but all was fine and my baby was very happy in there. They said it must of been old blood. 

I ended up on iron tablets which were abit of a pain but there was a risk of needing a blood transfusion if my iron levels weren't high enough when I gave birth so they were for the best. 

All the blood tests were worth it, I didn't mind them because I knew they were to make sure I was okay to grow my baby. Even though I am terrified of needles. 

I didn't care about getting stretch marks, I carried a 8lb3oz baby around in my tummy. I'm going to have stretch marks.

I had days where I thought I hadn't felt my baby kick, often when your busy you don't feel them kicking and shuffling around but I did worry. I used to sit there talking to my bump and poking and tickling my tummy. I would lie awake all night trying hard to concentrate for kicks. Most of the time he moved but sometimes he didn't. I was so worried that he wasn't ok so I did have a few episodes of going up to the hospital to get checked. And then he would have a party in there! And I looked so silly. The midwives always told me it was fine and if I wanted to go talk to them I could. Which made me feel better as I didn't feel I was wasting there time. 

I ended up going quite a few times due to reduced movements and at 38weeks they have me an ultrasound scan, they checked he was getting enough oxygen through the placenta and he was fine. His heart rate was fine so i went on my way. It's better to be safe than sorry so if you ever feel like you want to talk to a midwive, please talk to them! 

I really can't wait to do it all again. I want Alfie to have a brother or a sister, I want to make sure he's never alone. Yes, he has me and his daddy but it's not the same. I want to make sure he always has a friend, I never want my baby to be lonely. 

Roll on baby number2! 


  1. I wish they'd given me a scan at 38 weeks, I remember having the most horrific pain at the end of my pregnancy which they thought might have been gall bladder issues but a scan wasn't set up until after the birth and by then the pain had gone. I think it was because Baby London was just so big for my frame and I think he was literally cracking my ribs! Had they scanned me I could have had the c sec earlier instead of having the awful birth I ended up with!

    ps I don't know how you enjoyed pregnancy lol xx

  2. Gorgeous post, although how you can enjoy being pregnant is a bit beyond me! :)

  3. I loved being pregnant too! All 3 times! But I know that's it's not the same for everyone xx

  4. Wow you were one of the lucky ones who enjoyed pregnancy! My best friend loved being pregnant too and had a pretty smooth ride so that's what I assumed all pregnancies were like. For me though it was basically just a time of feeling like a zombie and not being able to walk properly (I had/have SPD)! I want to get pregnant again to have another little one, but I am not looking forward to it at all. The baby yes, pregnancy, no! Glad yours was enjoyable though even with a few little scares and happily all turned out well :) you can read about my pregnancy story here, if you like :)

  5. some of the things you wrote so similar to me, im overprotective now of my baby in a bump, i cant sand smoking people or being near them, but i do care about stretchmarks even though all is for a good cause i just feel that i wont be confident in myself afterwards if i let go) will see though #binkylinky

  6. Emma you had such a lovely bump!! I loved being pregnant so much too it was amazing! I can't wait to do it all over again :) x

  7. So good you loved your pregnancy. I had "easy" pregnancies but definitely prefer after than during! Especially when you can't move at the end. Good luck with number 2! I have two and it's amazing :) #binkylinky

  8. I loved my first pregnancy too - in fact it was so good that I did it again three times! Good luck with number 2. #BinkyLinky

  9. Lovely post. A sibling is a wonderful thing. I'm a twin and I have twins and I love watching them play together. Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  10. what a lovely post!! I had lots of bleeds and worries and trips to the hospital and scans when pregnant with my son. All was well though and he was born naturally 2 and a half weeks early weighing 7lb 11oz! That was over 8 years ago now! I long for a 3rd child (I have an 11 yr old daughter too) but Hubby says no! Boo! #BinkyLinky