Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Alfie's update- 1

I'm going to start telling you all what Alfie's up to every week. Let me know what questions you would like me to answer :-)..

Age- 11weeks&4days
Weight- 12lb12oz

He is a very happy baby, he very rarely crys (touch wood). He smiles at everyone but can be a bit shy when he first meets people. He's very independent and can play on his playmat for a while. He loves watching the tele too!

Learning anything new- he's trying to talk to us in his little baby talk! It's nice because he starts his baby talk when he wants something so we can sort out what he wants before he starts crying! He very rarely crys now (let's hope I haven't jinxed it!) 

Learning anything new physically?- he's always been a very active baby, even inside my tummy. He's starting to lift his head up for longer when he's lying on his front. He gets a bit fed up of being on his tummy, so we bought him a tummy time toy! He grabs everything now too, my hair, my necklace, his blanket, his toys! He keeps leaning forward when hes in his car seat! He really is becoming a clever boy. He hates being cradled in your arms, as if he thinks he's too old for it :-P he likes being stood up and always pushes his feet off everything. He looks so pleased when he does it too showing us that cheeky smile! He's so strong 

How is he communicating?- he smiles constantly which shows us that he is a very happy baby! He is trying to talk to us in his baby talk, we copy the sounds he makes back to him and he loves it and starts laughing! When he wakes up he lays in his Moses basket and just gurgles away to himself, when I pop my head over to say morning he has a beaming smile for me, I love this because it shows he's excited to see me and knows who I am

How is he socialising?- 
He literally smiles at anyone when he gets used to them. His cousin blayke came round last week and he just stared at him, he's never seen another baby before.

Bought anything new for him?- we bought him a tummy time toy as he gets so fed up when he's laying on his front. It was £18-50 from mamas and papas! He still gets fed up after a while but he lasts longer than he did without the toy. 
I bought him some new bibs as his others already look worn out :-P 

Has he been up to much this week?- I took him to get weighed today, he is now 12lb12oz. (He was 8lb3oz at birth, and he weighed 11lb4oz at the beginning of June). I've signed him up for baby classes at the sure start children's centre, I want him to be sociable when he's older so I thought it would be best to start him making friends now. It will also be nice for me to get to know other mums too. I also am looking into taking him swimming, do you take your little one swimming? Do they like it? 
Apart from that we haven't done much, been on a few walks to the park. 

Have you had to change anything for him?-  we have now put 3m+ teats on his tommee tippee bottles, he seemed to be struggling to get his milk out quick enough with the 0m teats and he seems so much happier now we've changed them and he's been bringing up his wind better. We have also had to start putting him in his 3-6month sleepsuits as his legs are quite long and his feet looked squashed. It's weird though because he still does wear newborn clothes! He's small on top and has long legs! 

How is he sleeping?- he sleeps from 9-10ish till about 8. Which is very good :-). We are lucky! 

How is he feeding?- he has a 200ml bottle every 3-4hours. I have been giving him water in between feeds, as the weather is so hot! 


  1. He's gorgeous!! He sounds just like Rio..he never cried either and slept through :) x

  2. Ah, what a little cutie Emma! Your blog is a lovely record of Alfie growing up! X

  3. Awww he is just adorable, such a cute babie. I bet you are a very proud mummy x

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle