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Getting pregnant after 5 years of TTC and 2 ICSI treatments I was looking forward to having my ever growing bump.

Fast tracking to 20 weeks and I went to my 29 week scan full of nerves. Everything looked good and towards the end of the scan the consultant mentioned the placenta was 'a bit low.' But I was assured that as my bump expanded and the baby grew the placenta would move up. At this stage I was told there was nothing to be concerned about.

The weeks went by and my bump grew and grew. At each apt my consultant would just say -'still a but low.'
At my 30 week scan my consultant discussed the possibility of a c-section due to my previous abdominal surgery to remove a fibroid. He then also mentioned that the placenta was still low lying and at this stage it was less likely to move up. It was agreed that I'd attend his clinic each week to check on the placenta.

Fast tracking to 34 weeks at the appointment my consultant discussed when I was leaving work on maternity- I said in 3 weeks. He looked at me with a concerned face (this is the consultant who when I first met him said- I don't do stress!!) and said 'I think it's best to stop now- you could have a serious bleed from the placenta. We need you to be near the hospital. You have placenta previa stage 2/3.'
I'll admit I'm a complete worry head and when he said this I went into panic mode and when I went home I googled Placenta previa and scared the life out of myself!!

The following week at my appointment after the scan the consultant said..'so how organised are you? Could you be in the hospital tomorrow?' Basically the placenta was now dangerously close to the cervix opening and if I went into labour the placenta would go first- meaning the baby would loose its lifeline. An added complication was the cord was hanging over the opening also.

So with my bags packed I set off to the hospital to be 'observed.' My bloods were cross matched as due to the Previa I would most likely bleed quite considerably. I was advised to be on alert to any bleeding or pains.
And so for 14 days I sat in my little hospital room (was put in room on my own as they felt it might be hard for me sitting with babies) I waddled around the wards and generally tried to not think negatively about things. The mid wives were fantastic calling me their 'long termer!!' And easing my fears by saying I was in the best place. The consultant told me that if I did bleed they could have me down in theatre in 6 minutes.
I was given steriod shots as this would help the baby's lungs if it came early. Every night I would feel my special little miracle kicking moving around and I'd tell him to hold tight and wait.

Finally the consultant agreed on the
Friday 11th October I'd have a c-section. I prayed for a week before that I'd get to that date.

The morning of 
11th October arrived. The sister on the ward came and talked me through the procedure and told me to try not to worry as my consultant was very experienced. I was advised if I had excessive bleeding and needed a transfusion I'd be transferred to the High dependency unit and baby to the special care unit.

As I waited on the trolley and answered all the security questions I felt my legs shaking and could hardly talk between my sobbing. After all we had been through getting this little person inside me I was terrified something would go wrong.

The prep was completed and before I knew it was was in the theatre and getting my spinal put in.
The curtain was put up and my DH say by my head and whispered in my ear that everything would be ok.

The section was not an easy procedure as baby was in a difficult position and therefore had to be moved a bit - cue lots of pushing and shoving in my tummy (none if which I could feel) and a very sweaty brow on my consultant.
At 9.54 Myles James looked at me in complete shock and I finally became Mummy.

Myles and Daddy was taken into another room as he needed to go under the heat lamps (2 weeks early)

After what seemed hours I was transferred to another trolley. Sorry for the next bit- a bit TMI..... I looked at my consultant who had a lot of blood on his gown and the floor was covered. I later discovered I lost 1700 litres of blood- apparently very close to having a transfusion.

I was monitored for 24 hours and had quite a low iron level due to the blood loss.

After receiving iron tables, great care and a further 4 days I finally left the hospital with my beautiful wee man.

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