Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Finding out I was pregnant

My lovely friend Jenna from ChicGeekDiary, did a post on this today and I couldn't reply on her post so I thought I would do my own post seeing as though it took me a little while to write it. So here is my experience of finding out I was pregnant.. 

My sisters had been telling me I was pregnant for ages before I actually did a test. I just shrugged it off and was like 'whatever'.. 
My periods were never regular and I had no symptoms what's so ever. I was also on the pill and had been for well over a year at this point.. So I just thought to myself 'they're just saying I'm fat' so I started to eat better and exercise a little more. 

I had been on holiday with my family for 2weeks and everyday my sister said to me 'I think your pregnant' it was actually winding me up and I kept taking offence. 
I ignored them because I knew in the very early stages of pregnancy you don't have a bump so I was quite upset I was getting called fat. 
A week or so after we got back from our holiday I was in sainsburys and went past the pregnancy tests and thought to myself I'll get one to shut up them up.. I was with my sister at the time when I bought it. I got home and did one and it came up negative.. I didn't feel that it was right though. I had convinced myself I wasn't but deep down inside I was a little sad to not see the line. It was a 2pack so I did the other one and yep you guessed it the line came up as I finished so it was a yes, your pregnant. I was so scared, I hadn't prepared myself for this result. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do as I was only 21 at the time. I went to the doctors and they booked me in for a scan. 
I turned up at the hospital for my scan, I went into the scan room and she did an ultrasound, I could see my little jelly bean on the screen and hear the little heartbeat. I could see his little hands and feet already, she told me I was already 9weeks so was already 2months into my pregnancy! I was so happy but scared at the same time. 
I was scared that I would be a rubbish mum because I'm only 21 and never even held a baby before but it's amazing how quick you slip into motherhood. My little dude is a very happy chappy, he constantly has a smile on his face so I must be doing something right. He also has an extra big smile for mummy that no-one else ever gets. It makes me so happy to know that he loves me that much.. He is a mummy's boy :-) and I love it 

20week scan, you can see his bones in his arm and hands and his little mouth open with his hand in. He still sucks his hand like that now! 

Alfie's first day at the seaside

Today Alfie, the other half and I went to Skegness. Which is an hour from us. It was Alfie's first ever trip to the seaside or first time away from lincoln for that matter. He slept the whole way, and was asleep for a little while when we first got there.

 I love the seaside, it's my fave place to be.

Alfie absolutely loved the day, he didn't cry once or moan at all. He was too busy being nosey at everything and everyone! 
He was in such a good mood. Daddy won him a sully (monsters inc), it kept him amused all day and he was sucking his ear when he got hungry. That was a sign for us to get his bottle ready! 

Me& Zach had a lovely time time too together, we had doughnuts and walked along the beach. We don't spend much time just having general chit chat because I'm always so busy with Alfie and he's busy with work, when he gets home he spends time with Alfie while I get housework done. In a way I miss that we can't do things like this everyday anymore but I love my son more than anything else in the world. He is the most important thing in my life! :-)

It was a lovely day, I got burnt it was that hot! 

I'm so excited to go to Scarborough for our holiday now! :-)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy starts door bouncer

Alfie is a very active little boy and loves to be on his feet, he can hold his own weight but I have to support him. This is fine for a while but it does hurt my arms after a little bit.

My mum treated Alfie to the happy starts door bouncer, I've been going on about getting one for ages and she decided to buy one for him. It is a brilliant quality product but Alfie is still too small for it. He can't quite touch the floor and the seat part seems to drown him.. This one is ideal for a 6months+ baby so he does have a couple of months until he will fit into it properly. 

At the moment, we use it as a swing. He loves it when we swing him in it, he thinks its great!
He'll grow into it and I can't wait till he is bigger so he can bounce away in it :-) 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Alfie Update-2

Alfie will be 4months in a weeks time. I know everybody says this but where does the time go? I never believed anyone when they told me that once I've had Alfie, the time will go so quick but they were right! It only seems like last week I was laying in that hospital bed with my newborn baby beside me. It's amazing how much he has learnt during the first 4months of life, babies are clever. 
Physically- he is still as active as ever. If I leave him on the playmat and nip and get something he is facing the other way when I get back down. He still isn't sure about being on his tummy, but he is starting to move his legs& lift his bum up. He likes to sit up straight, if we lay him down anywhere he lifts his head up. He can't sit unsupported yet so we bought him a mamas and papas baby snug. He loved this, it was worth the money because he sits in it for ages. It has a tray so we put him some toys on there to play with& he's happy as larry. The snug is around £40 and will be perfect if your child likes to be sat up. He loves being on his feet but it aches our arms after a while so I think I may have to purchase a door bouncer, I know for a fact he would love it! 
I've bought Alfie a new car seat, he is getting a little big for his group0 car seat so I've bought a combination car seat that will last him till around4. I bought the maxi-cosi opal combination. It looks so comfy, all the maxi-cosi car seats do. They're brilliant quality!

EmotionalDevelopment- He still very rarely cries, he has his moments if he's overly tired or people are fussing but he is generally a very happy baby. He had massive smiles on his face for the most of the day. He knows how to get our attention by coughing& he has an attention noise that we always run to. He just smerks at us when we run to make sure he's ok, he has us wrapped round his little fingers! 

Social development- he doesn't really like anyone at the moment, he doesn't mind when people are talking to him and he's sat on mine or daddy's knee but if people start passing him round like a doll he isn't so keen. He is very much like me, I hate people fussing around me.. It gets annoying. He is ok with people after a while but as soon as people see him they jump straight in trying to hold him and getting in his face so I don't blame at all. Alfie is now a member of the sure start centre so will be taking him to some activities soon, so I'll have to see how he gets on.

Feeding- I think he is ready for weaning but everyone keeps saying, babies don't need to wean until 6months. I'm asking for advice and getting no where. My instinct is telling me to try something new but then I've got people in my ear telling me not to! I had a lady say to me if you start to early, you'll make your child obese ..oh right cheers. 
Any advice, send it my way! 
He has started to feed himself now, if he's hungry he'll get hold of his bottle and do it himself.

Alfie's baby snug! 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Statement necklaces

I don't know about you lovely ladies but I absolutely love statement necklaces at the moment.. 

They add a little bit of 'something' to a plain outfit without being over the top. My fashion sense is very casual. I live in leggings really, so these are perfect for me to make me look abit more like I've made an effort when I go out :-P! 

This week I treated myself to, not 1 but 2 necklaces from a little online jewellery shop. 'Lovemoi boutique'. They sell quirky and cute jewellery and have a fantastic range to suit everyone. I'm in love with all the necklaces to be honest and I could of happily bought a few more! 

I choose this neon one which really is gorgeous, it will add abit of colour to my boring outfits. I have got a few compliments already& I've only worn it once! 

I also chose this pink jewel one. I just loved this one so I couldn't not get it! 

The delivery was very quick and I was impressed with the packaging. They were carefully wrapped up in tissue paper. 

I think £18-00 well spent here to be honest! 


Alfie's goodies!

As you know, I can't go anywhere without buying Alfie anything so yep you guessed it.. He's had a few bits this week! I love my boy so much that I can't help but spoil him! 

He eventually got his baby snug- we have been waiting over 2weeks for it which I was abit annoyed with me anyway and then when it came it was the wrong colour. I ordered the blue one but they sent the green one, I had waited so long for it that I can't be doing with sending it back.. So he now has a green baby snug.
He does love being in it bless him! He thinks it great. He has been watching peppa pig while sitting in it& he also ended up watching Barbie.. He seemed to like it! Bless him 

I bought him some tiger pyjamas from mothercare, I love him in novelty clothes. He looks so sweet in them. He already has the zebra, bee& dinosaur ones! So had to get the tiger ones to add to the collection! 

I nipped to next (as I do every week)& bought Alfie some more clothes to add to his3-6 month wardrobe. He isn't actually in his 3-6 month clothes yet, even though he is 4months in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll be in them soon, he's got loads of cute things that he can't fit in yet. 
We are going on our first family holiday next month so hopefully he'll be in them then :-)! 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How has blogging changed me?

I've been blogging for a month today! I don't do it for followers or awards, I do it for me. It's a diary of me& my little boy. Sure, I love having followers& wouldn't mind a few more. And I'm very grateful that I have followers and that people actually want to read my blog.. *'Thanks'*. 

Blogging has actually made me a more happy& positive person, I've learnt new beauty tips, found the perfect moisturiser for my severely dry skin. And made some fantastic new friends.. 

For as long as I can remember I've always worried about my dry skin, how big my nose is and how fat I look but through reading blogs I've figured out there are moisturisers for dry skin, ways to do your make up that hide your imperfections and also learnt everyone are different shapes and sizes but the main thing is- that your happy. 

I'm slowly becoming more confident in my own skin and not trying to be something I'm not. It's all thanks to blogging!!

(And I think having my son has also helped me be a happier person :-).)


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Letter to Alfie

To my gorgeous little Alfie, 

I'm writing this as your playing on your play mat, you keep shouting and screaming at your monkey so I'm not sure what he's done wrong but your not happy with him! Your so funny when you shout at your toys, your such a clever boy and I'm very proud to call you my son. 

Your a very happy boy and always have big smiles for mummy& daddy. Your very chilled out& love playing on your playmat. You can lay for ages just playing with your toys. 

Your not very keen about being on your front but we're getting there, you did half a roll over the other day but your arm stopped you from going all the way, your still not sure how to move it out the way yet. 

You love it when mummy and daddy stand you up, you look so proud of yourself and you like sitting up. You just want to do things that we do! But I want you to stay a baby. But I know you can't be a baby forever. 

You can be quite clingy with mummy but I secretly love it. I will have to get you out of it soon or you won't ever leave my side when your older and need to go to nursery. 

You have a routine now, you wake up around7, & go to sleep at9ish. You have 3naps through the day too! 

Mummy and daddy are thinking about weaning you soon. We only have a couple of weeks until your 4months so we will try and wait till then. You always want our food so your trying to tell us you need more than milk! And your hands are constantly in your mouth. Not sure if your teething abit as well. You are starting to feed yourself abit now, it's so cute. 

You still love going out in your pram, your not keen on the car seat anymore and are trying to pull yourself up put of it constantly. So we use the 'big boy' chair now so you can see more. 

We are going on our first holiday next month and I can't wait to take you.

I love you forever& always, 

Thursday, 8 August 2013


I'm thinking about weaning Alfie, he is 15weeks old in 2days but not sure if I should start before 4months or not. 

He is starting to want so much milk at the moment. He has been having a 9oz bottle of Aptamil First Milk every3 hours, he sometimes even wants it before that. We tried him on the Aptamil HungryMilk& he still wanted more than the recommended 180ml bottle of Milk, And he was still having the hungry milk every3hours. 

He constantly has his hands in his mouth sucking them and tries to suck ours if we're holding his hands. He also has been trying to get our noses when we're holding him. 

Shall I wean him now or wait?! I'll ring the health visitor and see what's she says but was wondering if any other mums have experienced this? 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What have we been doing this week

The start of this week has just been about my bloomin' iPhone. On Sunday, the screen smashed- not impressed! I rang EE up& they say if i took it to an apple shop they would fix it or replace it as its still in warranty. So on the Monday I went into town to the Apple shop, I was pretty annoyed actually because I dragged Alfie out in the cold and they said that they couldn't even do anything about my phone there and that I would have to go to a bigger apple store... Well the nearest 'bigger' Apple shop is over an hour away from here and it's ridiculous. They are still an Apple shop? I couldn't use my phone with a shattered screen as it was quite hard to read anything (not good when trying to blog)! So because I'm so impatient I went to a phone repair shop, it cost me £49.. The lad there did it straight away& it took about 20mins, i was quite impressed. Until I got home that is.. My phone just randomly decided to switch off, I plugged in the charger and it came back on so I didn't really think anymore about it. On Tuesday morning I woke up and my phone was dead, which is normal because  I'm always checking my twitter timeline and my Instagram. I plugged my phone in and it didn't do anything, I left it for about 15mins plugged in and nothing was happening so I quickly got dressed and went back to the 'fonedoctor' they sorted out for me quickly. So my phone now works again! Yay.. 

It is my sisters 21st birthday on Saturday but she was going to join my family in Scarborough on the Saturday (jealous) so Wednesday I spent the day with her. It was lovely to catch up with her actually as we don't see each other much after I've had Alfie and She's moved into her own house! We are both so grown up! Haha :-). We coloured each others hair, this is the first time she's coloured my hair and she did a pretty good job and I have high standards being an hairdresser so yay to her! I've been bleached blonde for around a year now but decided that I will have to go back to my natural colour because I don't have time or the money to have it done on a regular basis. You should of seen my roots this time, looked awful! Embarrassing!! Quite like my hair brown again. I like a change! 
 After we had our hair done we painted our nails, i painted my nails white again. I used BarryM matte white- see 'white nails' for more info! We then decided to go do some retail therapy I didn't have much money so I couldn't buy much. I always want loads when I haven't got much money in the bank. I bought a coral maxi dress from primark and a stripe military style top from New look& some Kelly Brook bronzer. I will use it and review it for you when I get round to it, it is quite a shimmery bronzer. 
I couldn't not buy Alfie anything so I bought him 2packs of dribble bibs, he dribbles all the time and constantly has his hand in his mouth and they look abit cuter than big bibs! They are from next and I also bought him a panda romper from there too. 

We then went out for tea, was lovely to chill out with her! I never usually miss her birthday but because she's going on holiday this year for it, it won't be practical to take Alfie.

I've only left him for a couple of hours so it was quite hard and I couldn't stop thinking about how he was. I knew he would be fine with his daddy but can't help but worry! He was very happy to see me when I get home, which was lovely and he couldn't stop smiling at me! 💙

Friday, 2 August 2013

What have we been up to this week?

Alfie& I have had a busy-ish week this week, usually we laze around I'm our jarmas and walk round the park :-P! 
On Tuesday, we went into town- if you want to see what I bought, see 'my town trip' post. 

On Thursday Alfie had his second lot of jabs in the morning, I hate taking him. It's the most awful thing ever. I feel so guilty. If I could have the injection for him I would! He screams for a little while after but then soon forgets about it. But I still feel really bad about it. I know they're for the best in the long run but I hate seeing him upset. He has one more set of injections at the end of August and then he's done till he's 12-13 months of age. I felt so awful because he had his jabs I bought him a little present! I bought him the 'baby snug' from mamas and papas. He doesn't like sitting in his bouncer anymore as he prefers to be say upright to be nosey :-P! So hopefully he'll love it. It should be coming next week.
This is Alfie when we got home from the doctors! Not bothered at all bless him.

Friday- Alfie, Zach and I went for tea at the pride of Lincoln! It was nice to spend time together because Zach is always working. It was nice and very chilled out, he told me I deserved a treat because of all I do bless him! 
We also nipped to JTF& bought some bits and bobs for our home improvement project. He's working on the garden at the moment so we bought fence paint and a sprayer! Obviously I didn't get my hands dirty. The sprayer looks brilliant though! So quick and easy.. Better than faffing around with brushes! It was only £9-99 too! Bargain, and worth it. 

On Saturday- my boyfriend was sorting the garden out so me& Alfie sat in the sun and watched him. 

White nails!

On Tuesday I went into town to look for a new nail varnish, I fancied something different so I chose WHITE! I picked Barry M after it was recommended by a friend on twitter. I've only had a couple of Barry M nail varnishes before so I thought I would try them again and guess what.. I love it.

The white covers really well even with one coat but I wouldn't just leave it with one coat. 

I'm very impressed with the nail varnish and really want to invest in some more! You can't go wrong for £2-99! I'm really into pastel nail varnishes at the moment. 

I used the Barry M 3in 1 varnish with it too. it's a basecoat, top coat and a nail hardener and that was also £2-99. Would recommend it. 

I've had the varnish on for 3days now and it still looks bright white. Its a chipping a little but nothing to worry about. Very good considering I'm a mum now and my hands are constantly in water.