Friday, 21 February 2014


Are you always dropping your phone? Have you had to pay a silly amount to get the screen replaced? Yep, me too! Dropping my phone is a daily ocurance for me and I'm sure many others. I never use a case on my phone, which is abit silly seeing as though as I'm really clumsy with it!

 When MrNutcase were looking for bloggers to review their personalised phone case I thought why not, my phone screen has smashed not long ago resulting in a £60 repair job. And I have a crack in it again!!? (Stupid iPhones) so I'm trying to be extra careful so it doesn't crack more! So I thought I would give a phone case another try. 

The process of creating your phone case is quite simple and easy and there are many photo arrangements you can choose for your case. I went with the 6frames. You download your image and then drag it onto the virtual phone case and crop it and move it about til it's perfect. You have a preview option so you can make sure it's exactly how you want it, my design changed many times! The checkout process is simple and easy. 

The delivery was super duper quick! It took two days to arrive which I was so impressed with! I didn't expect it so soon so when it kept through the letter box I was pleasantly surprised!

 The pictures are clear considering they've been printed on a phone case and the colours are bright. However, I do have a purple line going up from the bottom left hand side. It doesn't bother me too much but it wouldn't be good if you bought it as a present for someone. 

That being said I love my phone case and it has lots of special photos on it! 
and the case keeps my phone safe from anymore bumps. 

How gorgeous are the photos!?!

The cost of this phone case is £14-95. 

A personalised phone case would make a great personal touch to a present for Mother's Day coming up soon! 

*i was sent a phone case free of charge for exchange of an honest review. 

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