Thursday, 27 February 2014

My baby is 10months!..

Hello Alfie! 

It's mummy here, I'm actually writing this at3am. You woke up and was jumping around mummy and daddies bed, your asleep now but I don't dare to put you back in your cot incase you wake up and this is the only time I get cuddles off you so I'll enjoy them a little longer. 

So then Alfie, your 10months. Now that is scary for mummy. Your loving getting older and more independent and a cheeky monkey. You have your own personality and your a very well behaved boy really. 

You love climbing up things, standing and crawling so fast that mummy has to run after you! Your always getting up to mischief and only want things you can't have, so everything is out of reach at the moment. Your especially drawn to mummies cup of tea in the morning! And you love the controls especially when mummy has her programmes on! 

Your taking steps with your walker, you love it. So glad I bought you it, you don't do it when anybody is watching we have to watch you out the corner of our eye to catch a glimpse of you walking aided by your walker. 

You love playing, you only really play with your toys when we put them in a circle around you, even then you get bored but at least you play for a while. You r favourite toy is your moo cow moosical beads toy. You laugh at the moo noise! You do make me laugh. 

You enjoy dancing, especially to mister maker shape song and alphablocks theme tune. You also love dancing to buddy holly and Elvis. You bob up and down and wiggle your bum. It's adorable! And grandad is very proud you love that music.

You've took a shine to trying to get up the stairs, mummy needs to get a stair gate soon but for now you only do it when someone's upstairs and you want to be nosey! We manage to catch you in time so for now that's ok. 

When your older your going to hate me for saying this but you LOVE kisses!! If we ask for a kiss you lean towards us and give us a big smooch!! :) 

Your growing very quickly! Your still in 6-9 in some bits but others we've started to put you in 9-12. Mummy can't believe how small your clothes used to be- you were tiny but it's gone so fast. 

Now we have established weaning you are getting chubbier, you used to be quite skinny. You do enjoy your food- you have breakfast, dinner and tea. You have milk when you get up, at dinner time and before bed. 

You still like your dummy to go to sleep, you can have it for a bit longer yet. Mummy had her dummy until she was 4!!!) 

You enjoy going for walks (ride in your pushchair) round the park and you love going on the swings. You giggle away and think it's brilliant. It will be better when it gets warmer, it's still a little chilly but we have a nice walk anyway. Makes a change and we get some fresh air. 

You are trying to say quite abit now, you say 'hiya' and wave everytime someone says hello and goodbye.. Even on the tele. Your dad taught you to say 'I don't know' and you have started saying 'what's that'! You still say Dada constantly and sometimes slip mama in there too. You only usually say mama when you want something though. 

You have another tooth coming through, so that will be 5teeth when that one eventually grows down. Your hair is getting thick now and mummy did have to neaten it up round your ears as it was growing very quick over them! You like getting your hair brushed, it relaxes you. 
Your not keen on getting your teeth brushed, you try to close your mouth and when I do start brushing you pull away to swallow the toothpaste! Yum.. I'm sure you'll get used to it very soon. 

You still like your baths but you keep trying to stand up!! 

You sleep from 7-30pm to 7am.. You nap at 10am til11-30 and then at 2-half3. 

You always try to make mummy and daddy laugh, and your a lovely little boy. I'm very proud of you and all you do. 

Love you lots little man! 
From Mummy. 


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