Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Alfie NineMonthUpdate

Nine months ago yesterday I gave birth to my son, the most amazing nine months ever but they've gone so quick. He is developing so quickly and changes all the time. Every time he wakes up he seems to be doing something else, it's amazing to watch but part of me is sad that he is not going to be a baby much longer. 

His physical development that has been the biggest change in my eyes. He uses anything and everything to stand up, he loves standing up and if he's not crawling he's stood up trying to grab everything, we have to be so careful where we leave cups and photo frames now. He can reach quite high as he's tall. The crawling seems to be getting quicker and quicker every day, he hates staying still during change times. He often crawls off with no nappy on and I have to chase after him. If you take your eyes off him for a second, he's gone.

The cot situation seems to be a bit of a pain as everytime he wakes, he stands up which makes him wake up properly. So he is waking himself wake up rather than just rolling over and settling himself down again. 

Intellectual development- he is always shouting and screaming. He has a few words in his vocabulary now, he says; 
Hiya (along with a wave)
He loves his books, i only recently bought him books when a friend told me that I can read to him now and it will help his development. So I popped off to asda and bought him a few. I got him; 'Dear Zoo', 'The Gruffalo and the Gruffalos Child', 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey'. He loves me reading to him and laughs at the pictures. He opens the flaps on his 'Dear Zoo' book and is loving becoming independent and is so clever. 

He goes to bed at around eight and wakes up at eight in the morning. He sometimes wakes up in the night but we put his dummy back in and he soon falls back to sleep. 

He is wearing 9-12M bodysuits, 6-9M sleepsuits, trousers and tops. 

He has four teeth, two bottom teeth and two top teeth. His top ones have only just  came through and he's been quite upset with teething for the top ones but abit of calpol works wonders! 

I'll see you next month for his ten month update! I'm sure I'll have lots more to tell you. 


  1. What a sweetheart :)
    I can't wait till my little one is doing all the things you have just mentioned, but like you said too about with him not being a baby for much longer, I don't want the time to go too fast.
    Look forward to reading his 10 month update the little clever clogs :)

  2. He is such a gorgeous little boy xx

  3. Aww so sweet!! :)

    Tyne has Dear Zoo and he loves turning the flaps too, the monkey is his favourite page lol



  4. Ahh he can say quite a few things now! Millie is just in the Momom Daddad stage and can say uh oh at times too! His development seems really good and on track :)


  5. Hope has just turned 9 months, she doesn't crawl, she doesn't pull herself up, she bum shuffles, she says quite a few things, she points at what she wants, she is big for her age, one thing I have learnt (having older children) is what they're doing now doesn't have that much relevance on what they do when they're older. Jacob was very far behind on well everything but is top of his class now, so if there is anything at this age u ever worry about pls don't u won't know till he's older what he'll be like. One thing I will say about alfie is he is one of the most BEAUTIFUL little boys I have ever clapped eyes on. He aabsolutely melts my heart. Just thought you should know that haha xxx