Saturday, 21 December 2013

Alfie 8month update.

The time is going way to quick, I know I say this everytime I do an update but seriously how on earth has 8months flown by since I gave birth to my son?! It certainly doesn't feel like nearly 8months ago and I suppose I'm in shock really. Alfie seems to learn something new everyday! 

Physically, his development is very well for his age. He crawls, very fast! I seem to be chasing after him all day and don't really get 5mins to sit down as he is on he move all the time! He follows me everywhere now, i'll turn round and he'll be sat at my feet. He pulls himself up on the furniture from a crawling position onto his knees and starting to stand up with the furniture too now. He will walk if we hold his hands, very slow but he is taking steps. He can go from a crawling position to sitting up very easily. 

He lives in his walker at the moment, he loves standing and moving around the room. He does try and follow us in it but he gets stuck at the door. 

He shouts mama and dada constantly, and it seems to get louder when we are out anywhere. He points at things but can only say mama and dada so everything is called that! He gives us kisses if we ask and sometimes screams if we ask too! He's such a boy already. 

He's always been a mummy and daddys boy and wouldn't go to anyone else and would scream. The last couple of months he is more trusting with others and crawls up to them and will smile. We were out for tea yesterday and he kept turning round in his highchair to look at an old couple having there tea! He is quite a nosey boy like his mummy! 

He is just about to go into 6-9clothes now, he's already in his 6-9 Jeans but still 3-6tops. He has a small torso and longer legs. 

We are weaning, he has solids at teatime and we often try at dinner. He is never really bothered about dinner, he just seems to want a bottle but he does have a yogurt for breakfast. 

I'm sure he is getting another tooth coming through, lots of dribble and moaning. He doesn't seem to sleep that well at the moment and has ended up in bed with me a few nights past few weeks. 

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas with my gorgeous boy! 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A- Z of me!

I was tagged by Jo- NotAFrumpyMum to do this tag so here goes; 

A - Alfie, my beautiful boy. He was a surprise but an amazing one. Can't imagine my life without him! 

B - Barbie, this was my nickname when I first started hairdressing. I was a typical hairdresser- bright white hair, extensions and fake tan! Gosh, how times change eyy! I also had a boyfriend called Kennie at this point too, we were known as Barbie and Ken!

C- Coffee, I used to drink so much of this before I was pregnant and completely went off. I still can't stand the smell 8months after having Alfie and now only drink tea. 

D- Dad, he is the most amazing person I know. He bought me and my two sisters up as a single dad. Couldn't ask for anyone better. 

E - Emma, is my name obvs! 

F - Family, I love my family and my new little family. I never take them for granted as after having Alfie my only good friends are through a computer screen! 

G - Gardening- bloody hate doing it! FACT

H - Hairdressing, my profession. I have been a hairdresser since I was 17, so nearly 6years. And I love it. 

I - Ice cream,  I love the stuff. I can eat it if it's hot or cold. Obsessed with the stuff! 

J - Jewels, there was a time I would wear a necklace, bracelet and rings but now I just stick with my pandora bracelet. I love it and never take it off!

K - Kisses, Alfie has learnt how to give kisses, it's so sweet! 

L - Love, I love my family! 

M - Mum, I'm a mum and I love it. I want more babies, just need to convince the boyfriend!! 

N - Nicole, my sister. She is a year& 3months younger than me. She's always been there and we get on so well (now we don't live together!) 

O - onion, I love it! I would have it with everything (savoury) if I could! 

P - Pictures, I am so obsessed with pictures- it's abit ridiculous really. Our house is covered in pictures but I love looking at them so that's where they will stay! 

Q - Quilt- I love my bed and my quilt is so soft and snugly.. Ooh I want to go to bed now just thinking about it! 

R - Reception class, my first ever memory is being in the first ever class at primary school. I used to love the quiet corner and fell asleep in it on many occasions! 

S - silly, I can be abit silly sometimes. Alfie has this really funny face when I do something silly asif to say 'what are you doing mum' 

T - Tea, I drink so much it's ridiculous. I drink it all day! 

U - Uni, I dream of going to uni and doing midwifey. I WILL be a midwife one day, even if I'm old! 

V - Vodka- urgh, I hate alcohol! It's minging, and tastes vile.

W - Winter- my fave time of the year. I love snuggling in front of the fire, candles lit under a blanket. 

X - X? .. What word even begins with X? No idea.. 

Y - Yolk- I love the yolk of eggs, my dad used to just give me the yolks of his eggs and he would have my whites haha!! 

Z - Zach, my boyfriend. Love this guy lots! 

That's me!! 

I tag anybody who wants to do this!! Make sure you let me know when you've done it, I would love a nosey! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Tag

My lovely friend Gemma did this tag and thought i would tag myself as I love Christmas. 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love the fact my family get together and have a whole day together! This year will be slightly different as I now have my own family but even more exciting :-) 

When you were a kid, what did you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?
A mince pie and a glass of coke (my dad drinks lots of coca-cola) 

Do you and/or your family have any Christmas traditions?
We do have a few, during Decemeber we always go to a little garden centre and buy a few new baubles for the Christmas tree. 
We all get new pjs and slippers and get changed and stay in our Jim jams all Christmas day! 
We watch the snowman all together while having a buffet type tea. 

When decorating, do you go all out or just do a small amount of decorating?
This is my first Christmas in my own home, and we just have a tree. I'm not to over the top. However, my dad goes all out!! This Christmas is very different as I'm used to feeling like living in santas grotto. He has 4christmas trees and everything is covered in tinsel! 

What is your favourite Christmas dinner food?
I love the roast dinner, it just feels different on Christmas Day! 

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Jingle all the way is one of the ones I have watched every Christmas for years now, I had it recorded off the tele onto a video and then bought the DVD a couple of years ago. I love all Christmas films though! 

What is your favourite Christmas song?
Merry Christmas everyone by shakin Stevens& Elvis- Blue christmas.. my dad used to put these on constantly at Christmas as he loves his 60s music. 

What was your favourite gift you've ever received?
I have too many favourites, I love everything I get :)

What is your favourite memory?
Just all sitting round the tree playing with everything we got for Christmas in our jarmas, with hot choc and Christmas music in the background.

Does it snow where you live?
It does, but not at Christmas! I was pregnant last year when it snowed so I could only watch all the fun from the window! 

Do you own an "ugly holiday sweater"?

Hot chocolate or eggnog? 
Hot chocolate but I can never make it that nice at home. Costa do the best ones!! 

Have you ever been kissed under a mistletoe?

I tag the following ladies to do this too, tag yourself too :-) 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beebies Wishlist

When I first came across beebies on twitter I was so impressed, they stock lots of different brands and lots of gorgeous bits for mummy and baby. 

Ami who runs beebies is also lovely, and she's there if you need to ask about products and just to have a general chat with!

Ami has given us all the chance to win our beebies wishlist up to the value of £100, how nice is that? Just in time for Christmas too! 

It's been quite hard to pick products up to the value of £100 because they're so many lovely bits but I've found the perfect present for Alfie from beebies. I know Alfie will love it.

It is this little beauty- the Nattou Cappucino Rocker. It is expensive but you can see why, it's gorgeous sorry my phone is abit rubbish and I couldn't get the picture clearer! 

I love the colours and it's so sweet. I have fell in love with it!! 

I've been wanting a rocker for a while for Alfie now, all the ones I've come across are either to expensive or not worth the money that they are selling for. 

The colour of this rocker are the colours I've chosen for Alfie's nursery so he would take pride of place in the nursery and fit in perfectly with everything we have already bought!

Thank you to Ami for this fab chance to win our wishlist. 

Have #averybeebieschristmas everyone :-) 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

NappyKind Leggings Giveaway

Who has heard of NappyKind? For those of you who haven't, they are a online shop that sells baby leggings, leg warmers, bibs and more!! Alfie has a few bits from them and they are fantastic quality. 

I did a review on our leggings here, if you would like a read. 

NappyKind are giving me the opportunity to give one of my readers the chance to win a pair of their fantastic quirky leggings. 

All you need to do is enter the giveaway via the rafflecopter below, all entires will be checked but please be honest :-) 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway\ }