Sunday, 16 February 2014


 I was about 6 weeks along and I noticed I was having quite a bit of cramping. Problem was I just switched doctor and didn't have a new one. So I called my family doctor up. They ordered an ultra sound and sent me to be hospital. They checked everything out and said the doctor wants to speak to you. I started panicking. So I get on the phone and she said baby was fine but I had a subchorionic hemorage. I'm like whoa that sounds fricken scary. Basically a tear on the uterine wall. She said that it increased my miscarriage rate but I should be ok. She said I will probably bleed some but not to be to alarmed.  So about 4 weeks pass and I'm getting done grocery shopping and I sit down and a massive I mean a ton of blood soaking through my pants onto the seat. I start bawling. Call my doctor they said get in right away. In thinking miscarriage, what else? I get in they take me right back and get me into an ultrasound. Oh my god the second I heard that heart beat I cried so much. They said that it was definitely a lot of bleeding but after that time it should slow down. I felt pretty yucky for a while and had spotting randomly. I had extra ultrasounds and by about 20 weeks or so the tear healed up and it started to slow down. But during all that time I had to take it very easy since my risks were higher. No sexual intercourse, no exercising and certain lifting. Also avoid exercise. But all in all everything turned out fine. Mine wasn't a really bad tear so I got lucky. They said sometimes it just happens. Nothing I could have done. I didn't go into labor early. McKenzie was born at 39 weeks perfect and healthy. :) I had a scheduled csection since I had one with my first child but my delivery was great. 

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