Thursday, 26 September 2013

Alfie's bathtime

The outcome of giving Alfie a bath is to relax him& get him ready to go to sleep. I usually give him a bath every couple of days, and an hour or so before his last bottle. This means that Alfie can fall asleep after his last bottle and be chilled out& unwind. 

I use the following products-

I love all these products, they smell amazing and make Alfie smell gorgeous. 

The Johnson's baby bedtime range is amazing, it's a lifesaver and I actually do believe that it helps your baby to sleep better. It works on Alfie anyway! We use the baby bedtime bath in his bath, it produces lots of bubbles and smells great. We also use the Johnson's camomile baby shampoo, it smells nice too. I want to try the lavender one next time I buy some baby shampoo. I don't really use a body wash religiously on Alfie because he doesn't get dirty so I think the bubble bath is enough for now that he's little.  

For afters I use, the baby bedtime powder. It smells the same as the bedtime bath (amazing). I put it all over his body to make sure he's bone dry. (Be careful with powder round baby's eyes, nose& mouth as they can breathe it in). And it makes him smell scrummy! 

When we do nappy changes I always use sudocrem to prevent nappy rash, it's great for everything really so I would keep a tub handy wherever you go! When Alfie was a 2months old he got baby acne so we used it on his spots and it cleared them up lovely. He has some dry skin too, which is inherited from me (sorry baby). So we use it on his dry patches of skin. Thankfully, it's not as bad as mine was when I was his age and let's hope it keeps away. TOUCHWOOD

I like to give Alfie a little bit of a massage after bath time and apparently it helps the digestive system! I do it for the chilling out factor and he loves it. The cream is thick and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving it so soft and moisturised. 
I also use this on my skin after I've been in the bath as it's that good! 

The thermometer is a cheap one from mothercare but it does the job, would recommend :-) 

Does anyone else use these products? Do they help your baby sleep better? 

Mamas and papas baby snug

Today I thought i would review Alfie's baby snug from mamas and papas, I love this little chair. We use it all the time and Alfie absolutely loves it! You can use it from 3months so it's perfect for helping to learn them to sit up. Alfie didn't like laying down anymore, he preferred to be upright so we bought this for that reason. To the replace the bouncer. The tray can be removed& put on very easily! 

It comes in handy for meal times, he sits in it& we sit on the floor with him and feed him his puréed fruit& veg. Obviously we won't always use this, we will need to get a high chair but for now it does the job and it's the same sort of concept that you sit at a table when eating. 

We also use it when I'm doing the housework, if I'm in the kitchen washing up and doing the laundry, he'll sit in it watching me and I put some toys on the tray and he's quite happy.  

I would definatley recommend this little chair for your little ones. It comes in different colours too. This chair retails at around £40 but I would say its worth the money! It is the same sort of thing as the 'bumbo', the bumbo is a little cheaper than this version, I prefer this one. 

Monday, 23 September 2013


Every pregnant lady gets the talk at the midwife appointments about breastfeeding, you get told that breast is best. My midwife was quite young and reminded me that I didn't have to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. She was a star really, it's so old fashioned now that every women should breastfeed. The formula milks are just as good these days to be honest. 

During pregnancy I said I'd try it and see how it goes. Well I did try and see how it went and it was fine. Didn't mind it at all! Alfie knew exactly what to do and he latched on as soon as he got put on my breast. It was great. If you've read my birth story you will know I wasn't well at all afterwards so the midwives decided it was best I didn't breast feed. So he was on a bottle very early and he's fine, he's a very strong boy and very clever so it's done him no harm what so ever. 

I wish I wasn't so ill after his birth because I really did want to breastfeed. Formula is quite expensive now and sterilising bottles can be abit of a chore but it's what ever you feel comfortable doing. 

Don't feel bad for what ever you decide :-) breast isn't best for everybody. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Alfie's first holiday

I was worried that Alfie wouldn't like being away from home but he actually loved being on holiday, we went to the seaside- Scarborough. We stayed at haven reighton sands, we have been there before and we chose that one because its quiet and perfect for a little family holiday. On the first day we went for dinner to the on site restaurant& then we went to walk to the beach, it was down quite a steep hill and with a pram it was quite difficult. So the boyfriend was on pram pushing duty! The weather was abit chilly so Alfie just looks like a blanket as he was all snugly in his pushchair! 
We always go to the sealife centre when we go on holiday, it gives us something to do when were there especially because the weather wasn't amazing. Alfie loved it, he watching all the sealife creatures swimming and dancing around. He loved all the colours, and lights too. He loved the seals the most because they were splashing around and he found it funny!
I couldn't go to the seaside and not have a ice cream! It was yummy!! 
We went to a little place called Filey, there wasn't much there to be honest but it was nice to walk along the sea front and it is a gorgeous place.
Here are some photos of Scarborough, would recommend it if you fancy a little quiet break!  

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ted baker baby

While we were in Scarborough this week (blog post up soon), I went to debenhams. I really love that shop for clothes for Alfie, it's my second fave from next. The clothes are brilliant quality as the price suggests! I spent £65 on these bits 

I fell in love with these jeans as soon as I saw them, I really like cuffed jeans on boys. I think they're really cute and look great with tiny shoes. They were £22.

The joggers are so cute and great for whipping on and off for nappy changes, they were pricey at £16 but I loved them that much. 

My boyfriend chose the polo shirt, it goes really well with the joggers and it does suit him. It was £15.

The socks are great, they're thick- perfect for the upcoming cold weather! They weren't too expensive either considering you get 5pairs. Those were £12. 

I like my boy looking smart, I know he's sick on them but at least he still looks smart in the process. And we were on holiday and he deserves a treat. (Even though he is spoilt anyway.. Oops). 

Any ladies shop at debenhams for baby clothes? 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Alfie's goodies

Hey ladies, hope you are all well! 

Today I took a trip into town, my sister had an order to pick up from new look so I thought I'd tag along.. Even though I dont have money to spend. 

I bought a maxi dress from primark a couple of weeks ago& you could see all my lumps and bumps so decided its best I didn't wear it so thought I'd take it back today and swap it for something else. I don't usually like primark but I thought if I looked hard enough I would find something. You guessed it, I went straight to the baby boy section. The only thing that annoys me in primark is the boys clothes start at 9-12months. Why? It's so annoying! They do have some really cute things but all to big for my boy. I did manage to find this little hoodie. In a charcoal colour with little ears on the hood! It will look ace with some jeans and his toms. I also bought him some monsters inc. bibs from there too. He loves monsters inc. and they are well sweet :-). 

I nipped to debenhams and bought him this little ted baker hat, we are going on holiday to the seaside a week today so if its sunny like it has been then I need to protect his little bald head and it was only £5 in the sale! BARGAIN! 

You know me ladies if I'm shopping, I ALWAYS go to next! And yep, I came out with a couple of items! A little quilted jacket with a panda inside and a flat cap. I've wanted to get him a flat cap for agessss! He does look abit like a chimney sweeper with it on but he does look so sweet. 

I nipped to Mothercare& bought Alfie some more Tommee Tippee vari-flow teats, he seems to get on better with those so I thought I would get more for him. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stretch marks

Most women when going though pregnancy will get stretch marks, if you don't then your very lucky. I wasn't one of those lucky ones that didn't, I thought I was. I had no stretch marks what so ever until 35 weeks and then they came with a vengeance. My bump was absolutely covered and my tummy still is covered in them. They are starting to go white but taking there time. 

It is said that if you use creams& lotions+potions then you won't get them but nothing is going to stop them i dont think! I so believe in looking after your bump and moisturising it, it needs some TLC after all the stretching it is doing to accommodate your ever growing baby.

I moisturised ALOT but not because I wanted to prevent the stretch marks, because Alfie loved it! He would kick& move around while I was rubbing my cream in and he loved my touch. 

I used two different moisturisers. 
The spa sanctuary mum to be cream and the stretch mark cream by mum& me. They are both lovely to use& both smell gorgeous! 

It's quite sad that people think they're disgusting when they're tummy is covered in them. It's what happens when your pregnant and should be proud of your body. It carried your baby and nourished your unborn child for 9months. 

I still can't get over the fact that our bodies can make babies! It's amazing isn't it? 

How bad were your stretch marks? And how long did they take to fade? What creams does everyone use? 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Alfie's Shoes

Alfie's shoe collection is ever expanding! For as long as I can remember I wanted some toms (for myself), but since having Alfie I come last when it comes to buying clothes and things. I spend all my money on Alfie but I wouldn't have it any other way! It makes me happy buying him things, I buy myself things only if I have to. Example of this is I wore my maternity leggings a couple of months after having Alfie and only bought some new leggings when they got holes in! Haha bless me! 

He has four pairs of shoes I absolutely love- he has converse pram shoes, emu (ugg style) boots, vans, and more recently some tiny toms! 

I absolutely adore these little tiny toms

When you buy a pair of Toms, they give a child in need a pair too! So it's for a good cause and they were only £25-00! 

He has such a good wardrobe, he's such a cool dude! 


Today Alfie& I went shopping. We needed to get a baby monitor. Alfie falls asleep earlier than us so we need one when he's taken up to bed& we're chilling downstairs. I bought the Motorola digital audio baby monitor. Obviously we haven't had chance to use it yet but will do a post when I've used it for abit. It was only £19-99, I decided to go for a cheaper one to review because if its good, what's the use in spending so much?! I was after one of the tommee tippee ones because I use everything of theres and they did look good! But I'll see how I get on with this first.

I went to mothercare, we're regulars in there! I'm sure they all know my name now. They have buy one get one half price on, I think this offer ends today though! I bought him a rule the world sleepsuit & a pack of bibs! We always need new bibs so do usually buy some whenever i go in there. The sleepsuit was £6-00 and the bibs were meant to be £6-00 but £3-00 in offer! 

I nipped into gap too& picked up these 2short sleeve bodysuits! £2-97 each, absolute bargain! They have a little pocket on them with a little bear stitched on. So sweet!

I nipped into debenhams, and there was so much stuff I want for him. There was a gorgeous Jasper Conran coat and some little Ted Baker cuffed chinos! I WILL be taking a trip there when I get paid :-)!