Sunday, 16 February 2014


When you’re pregnant all you hear are the horror stories about how your friends and family’s birth went and basically how horrendous it overall was. I thought it would be nice to write a positive story and to share it with scared and apprehensive new mothers.
A week before my due date I had all the typical signs that labour was creeping up on me, I had back pain, loose bowels, lower cramping and my bump had dropped. I went to bed as normal and woke up at 3am as I was thirsty, I sat up and I felt I wet myself, Instantly I knew that my waters broke. I got up calmly to check if I was right; I was. I woke my husband who told me to ring the hospital as he would like a few more hours sleep, charming I know haha. They advised me to come in to check me over. We had to phone my father in law as we had my stepson that night. Again I was calm whilst putting stuff into the car and organising things for my stepson.
We set off just after 4am and I felt my contractions start so my husband turned the volume up on the car radio and got me to sing along to the song with him to help me forget. Haha mind you it did help and we had a giggle with this. When we arrived at the hospital I ran down to the hill (some sight I bet!!) to the hospital door and climbed 3 flight of stairs! They took me in and I was 3cm dilated and was given gas and air straight away, I felt this regulated my breathing more than actually taking the pain away! My husband was amazing throughout and really kept me focused. After 30 minutes I advised them I was ready for the epidural. They took me to the labour ward and was greeted by a qualified midwife and a student midwife. They never left my side from start to finish. The anaesthetist arrived and put the epidural in which I may add didn’t bother me and didn’t hurt much either. In 30 minutes I was 10cm and ready to push. They noticed that the baby was back to back which may prove difficult to push out unaided. After an hour they decided to prepare me for theatre. I could see my husband was scared but I knew they would do the best for my baby and I.
Once in theatre they upped my epidural dosage. The baby was delivered via ventouse and I had an episiotomy to aid the delivery further. I had a beautiful healthy baby girl weighing in at 8lbs 3oz with a healthy pair of lungs!
It was an overall brilliant experience and I actually enjoyed my labour. I had a fantastic husband by my side and most importantly the staff team were wonderful and showed that good communication skills and inter professional working made this experience a positive one.

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