Monday, 17 March 2014

Mummy Hospital Bag

During your stay in hospital when having your little bundle of joy, your hospital bag is important. Never underestimate the importance of a well packed hospital bag. I wasn't one of those people who had a brilliant hospital bag, I didnt have hardly anything for my 5day stay. I never expected to be staying in so long!
if you would like to know why i was in so long you can read my birth story here!

Ive put together a list of what i think are important for Mummys hospital bag.

Maternity Notes- These are so important for the midwives and doctors at the hospital- they check your history of previous pregnancy and check for any tell tale signs that might lead to an assisted birth.

Camera, Phone &Charger- You'll be taking lots of photos!!

Comfortable clothes- when your in labour it gets very hot and uncomfortable. you dont want anything to cling onto you, it causes unnessercery stress that you can do without.  A nightie would be ace for labour and birth as they're easy to get on and off and are cool. (It may need chucking out after so a cheap night shirt would be best).
You will also want comfy clothes to go home in, you won't be able to fit straight back into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet.

Hair bobbles& grips- getting hot and sweaty is ineviable while in labour, if you have long hair and have a fringe- it will get on your nerves! i recommend taking a few bobbles to pop your hair on the top of your head.I didnt take any and i ended up with it stuck to my face during labour. very annoying! 

Hand-held fan or water spray- it gets hot so this would be perfect to keep you cool. my boyfriend fanned me with a magazine the whole time! bless him.

magazines, books, ipod/ refreshments- during the early stages of labour. contractions can be a few and far between so keeping yourself busy inbetween these will take your mind of the pain and get you through the first few hours. i had a few magazines that i read during labour, and i had something to read after birth while alfie was sleeping, they pass the time. 

socks/slippers- walking round the ward at night you will be better taking socks or slippers as it can get chilly. Shoes can be a pain to put on after birth so having some slippers you can put your feet in are so easy. You'll get cold feet otherwise.

big pants- yep, you need these. your so fragile after birth you wont want to be squeezing your self into your tiny pants. I never expected to have a ceaseran so the pants i took afterwards were'nt big, they sat on my wound and wasn't comfortable at all! i ended up stealing my boyfriends boxers- yes it was that serious!

Toiletries& Towel- after you've given birth you may want a shower, i took little travel sized toiletries in my bag as they didn't take too much room!

Maternity& Breast pads- take a couple of packs with you just incase :)

Have i missed anything off that any of you consider important for mummy?


  1. if it's Sheffield you needed to take your own pillow. you were given 1 very very flat pillow and there were never any more to be found. ohhh it was fantastic to scream your head off in the comfort of your own pillow.

    dressing gown or baggy jumper?

    don't forget baby's first outfit too. :)

  2. Yes a lip balm! My lips were so dry from gas and air, it was a lifesaver!

  3. Whatever you pack - triple it! I thought I'd be in/out but was in for 3 days and had to send my husband to the local asda with a shopping list!

  4. Hmmm let me think. Lots of changes of clothes in case you are in there for a few days like I was with the induction. Slippers. Face wipes. Mints. Towel. Dressing gown.. x

  5. Great list! I took basically the same, though I was wayy over packed (I had it in my head we might be there for a week!). Also I had eaten half the 'hospital food snacks' before I'd even gone into labour haha. So my poor hubby was starving the whole night as there wasn't much left. So bad ;) x

  6. Great list! I would also add lip balm and I took my big V pillow :) x