Sunday, 16 February 2014


Birth story of Finley Ross ♥

I suppose I had a really easy pregnancy all textbook, sickness first tri tiredness second tri and big fat kankles third tri !! I had always said I wanted my birth to be as natural as possible but started to worry when we found out my little monkey was back to back (google will be the death of me ) midwife reassured me he would turn (fibber) !! The first signs of labour for me were on sat 25th of mayI had a few niggling aches and hadn't really felt Fin move all day so went along to the hospital to be checked where the midwife had said "ooo looks like babys starting to make his way would you like another sweep to start you really off" (this being the 3rd in 4 days ) well blow me it felt like she had put her whole forearm up my hooha !!!! So went off home and managed to get a bit of sleep luckily so on Sunday 26th of may we had the father in law round for sunday lunchand my pains were getting stronger I couldnt sit down properly so me & Elliott decided to go out on a walk , we ended up walking round the local lakes a few times which certainly helped by the time we got home elliott decided he fancied a cold beer (super hot last may) I told him only one tonight thinks its happening (yay very happy")now for the good bit -so all Sunday night I was up with pains by 6 am Monday I decided I had to go and be checked I had decided to go to a mwl unit as I was very low risk. So we pull up to the hospital I go into be checked to be told "ooo dear your not even in labour yet" erm yes I am I know my body very well !! Elliott found this hilarious but the midwife gave me a tens machine to borrow and use so off packing we went (I actually think the tens machine hurts more than early labour !!!) So we got home and around 3pm things started to get quite bad and elliott decides hes hungry lol typical man !! So by the time he comes home from the chippy im sat crying my eyes out in pain (poor me) so off we go back to the hospital where im checked again to be told im not even 2cm arrrrrgggggg !!!! But my temp was slightly high so wanted me kept in yay !! So I used the birthing ball crap !!! She offered me paracetamol ( love I dont have a headache I have a baby coming out my hooha ) crap !! After 2hours in the mwl unit she decides she had a feeling that I need a proper hospital so I have to be blue lighted in a ambulance across Birmingham the paramedics were fab trying to make me laugh and telling me to swear as much as I like !!! So we arrive at Heartlands Hospital where I get taken into a delivery room and I was given a very young newly qualified midwife named Amy wow is all I can say what a credit to the nhs she is !! She gave me the gas & air straight away and told me now this might make you laugh which I replied "do I look like im goin to fuckin laugh to you " well I eat my words 10 mins later I sat there in fits of laughter elliott was asking me why I was laughing I had no bloody idea !!! I started to find that I couldn't get comfy not lying down not sitting on the ball nothing helped she examined me again and Fin was still back to back which meant I could only have gas &air as with b2b babies there heart rate cant be traced properly I was in agony it literally felt like I had a fist up my bum!!! I was in complete agony and I know my screams were horrific as I had all the midwives in trying to help me when my waters eventually broke(felt amazing but kept saying im weeing myself lol)  the midwife noticed Fin had pooed quite a lot so was left a while to progress when I felt the urge to push so was checked again and only 5cm "( this is quite a common thing with b2b labours ) I felt like I was honestly dying by about 4am Tuesday morning id had enough I was telling them to fuckin cut him out I just dont care lol !!!Elliott had been absolutly amazing through all of this i think he went the toilet once as i wouldnt let him leave my side. Finley was quite distressed they did the prick on his head I hadnt ate or drank in over 48 hours so they were trying to get drips in me in every vein which none worked (I now remember telling them id make a rubbish crackhead ) lol I then begged for a epidural so along came the anethesist who was getting me ready but by now I was having contraction on top of contraction and couldnt sit down for her to administer an epiduralso Elliott made the decision to stop her on my behalf in fear that I would move at that crucial minute when they pop it in  at the time I was gutted !!! So I was left again to labour on gas & air (I think I drained the hospital hehe). So by 5am I had a Dr come and tell me that unless they turned the baby there was no way I would deliver naturally so along comes a 6ft man and again shoves his whole hand up me to try and turn him excuse my language but fuck me !!!! I screamed blue murder !!!   So by now it's about 6.30am and they get me back on the bed to do another distress test and all I hear is ooo theres hair !!! So the Dr advises an episiotomy and tells me to push im calling them all the liars under the sun they let me feel his head and that gave me a lot of motivation with 3 pushes and about 8 mins hes was out a little shocked at his speedy entrance in the end but born at 6.47am 8lb 6oz of pure perfection we were lucky enough to have 30 mins of skin to skin while I  was being stitched up even after all that I would do it 100x over to see the look on Elliotts face and to feel that instant love and a whole new level of respect for each other, to have that whole first hour again where I took everything in about my beautiful boy that we had waited a long 9 months to see his perfect little features and now at 8 months old he makes me laugh and love him more each and every day ♥♥♥

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