Sunday, 16 February 2014

Stacey&ImogenBirth Story

I'd really blocked the whole labour part out of my brain, in fact I think most women must, it's too scary to comprehend when you haven't experienced it before. I had been expecting a c section due to Midwife believing the baby was presenting in the breech position, but a scan proved this wrong, so I was extremely happy to be allowed to go into a natural labour. My official NHS due date was the 10th October, but my 'IVF' due date had actually been the 8th, with a dating scan putting it back two days. The day before the 8th, I felt a bit fluey, shaky, sick, just not right. That night I had the best sleep I'd had all of my pregnancy and woke up feeling great. My husband was convinced I was going to be at least a week late, so when he woke in the morning and I complained of some period type pains, he dismissed it and went to work. That morning I had the  urge to clean the house from top to bottom, I was sort of convinced in my head this was the start of labour. By lunchtime, contractions had started, not that painful to begin but the worsened as the afternoon drew on.

By 3pm I text My husband and suggested an early finish from work would be helpful. I tried to eat some food, watched the comedy 'Friends' in between contractions. Once he was home I phoned labour ward who said I could really stay home for a few more hours but was welcome to come in and be checked. Cue mad panic gathering stuff from around the house, convinced we were in for the long haul, labour stories always seem to last days...

After three contractions in the car on the ten minute drive we eventually arrived, the midwife confirmed I was in labour and was 3 cm dilated and was welcome to go home as nothing would happen for ages. Some sixth sense in me asked if we could stay. This was fine as no other ladies were in labour at that time. My husband put on a film, and I tried to eat a few snacks, until ten minutes later I screamed I needed the midwife as I felt like I needed to push and now. The midwife slowly made her way back in and in surprise said, oh yes you do need to push, I had gone from 3-10cm in ten minutes which she was not expecting. I was very glad we decided to stay in the hospital otherwise I think I'd have given birth at home!

Due to the speed of my labour I was not able to take advantage of any pain relief at all, and through each push used breathing techniques I had learnt at a hypnobirthing class and my pregnancy yoga class. I was in full labour for an hour and a half and at 19.31 one final push and Imogen Rose came into the world.

Imogen was put straight on my chest for skin to skin and covered in blankets. I couldn't take my eyes off her and couldn't believe this little girl was my daughter. She wasn't weighed until a few hours later as we enjoyed our first bonding session and first attempt at breast feeding. I had second degree tears so had to have a few stitches, but with my beautiful baby in my arms I didn't really notice the stitches.

We were invited to go home that evening but it was so late and cold outside I asked if we could just stay the night, we were able to take advantage of a private room so my husband could also stay. We were lucky enough to be home with our new baby by lunchtime the next day after the newborn baby checks had been carried out.

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