Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alfie-5month update

Alfie was5 months old on the 27th September, it's so scary how quick the time is going. I remember being in labour bouncing on my gym ball and now he's not my tiny little baby anymore. He moans and groans if I try to give him snuggles which is quite sad. He doesn't like being laid down anymore, he likes to be in his baby snug and he likes us to stand him up. He's already fed up of laying on his playmat. He rolled over for the first time yesterday!! I was out doing the food shopping and my boyfriend text me to tell me. Typical he would do it when I'm not there, but we did manage to get him to do another one when I got back. 

I still really want to take him swimming as he still loves his bath, still need to look into what I have around my area! 

He can sit up on his own now, he sits on the sofa with us when we're watching tele& he can sit for about 2mins before he starts to get unsteady but I'm so proud of him. 

He's developing so quickly and he's such a clever boy! He grabs everything, your hair, your nose, your ears.. Just about everything he can get in his little hands!! 
He is now in his cot, he's only just grown out of his Moses basket so we got good use out of it. He was a little unsure to start with, it's very different to his Moses basket& he's got loads of room to wiggle around now. He looks tiny in it, even though babies younger than Alfie go in there cots earlier on but I'm used to seeing my boy all snuggled up in his Moses basket. 

We can shout his name and he'll turn round to look at us. He doesn't do it to other family members, just mummy and daddy. He's still abit shy and unsettled with people, and will cry till he's back with me or his daddy. I know we should make him be with other people but i can't leave him crying on someone if he doesn't want to be with them. 

We will start weaning him soon, I did have ago at it but he wasn't too fussed so I thought I would wait til 6months. 

His hair is starting to grow on the top, he jus had a tuft of hair in the nape of his neck for ages. But he's starting to get very light hair all over and it's really fluffy! 

His personality is starting to come through so much now, he is very cheeky but a very good boy. 

Love my son so much :-) 


  1. Look at that - what a smarty pants sitting already :)

  2. Such a lovely post, they grow up so fast and we never get these precious early months back.

  3. Oh my god, he is really cute!!!