Saturday, 1 March 2014

Infasense Justafit Sleepsuit

Alfie is a very long baby he always has been, when he was born he was in 0-3sleepsuits but the arms and the body were way to big. He still has to wear a size bigger in sleepsuits due to his legs being long but they have to much room in them. When I came across Infasense on twitter I was so impressed, they sell adjustable sleepsuits- an amazing idea. I know a few of you will be very interested in this, as this problem is very common.

Infasense Ltd were founded in 2012 and their aim is to ensure babies and children are safe. As the wrists and ankles are ajustable they ensure no trips can occur.

When I got asked if I would like a review one of this sleepsuits I jumped at the chance. This is perfect for Alfie. 

The material is very soft and would be very comfortable for sleeping babies. With the little Infasense logo on it and poppers for easy fastening and quick nappy changes.

The adjustable part of the sleepsuit is the Velcro. You obviously tighten it as much as you need and Velcro it back up. Easy peasy!! No slips and trips over silly bits of dangly sleepsuit. When babies are crawling there legs end up coming out of the sleepsuit legs so this is perfect to keep your baby dressed!

They come in a range of colours to suit both genders- blue, green, pink& white. They retail at £19-99 and you get two in a pack. Brilliant value for money I say. 

Give them a try yourself you won't be disappointed!! 

*i was sent this sleepsuit in return for a honest review. 


  1. Aren't they a fabulous idea?! We love ours, makes crawling so much easier for Max as he doesn't end up with the trailing sleepsuit feet! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. lovely review, will bare this brand in mind for the future)

  3. What a clever idea, I really struggle with the legs on sleepsuits with my dainty girl so this would be a great solution

  4. Amy is so long legged that at 4mo she's already looking at having to be in 6-9 sleepsuits but they'll blatantly be enormous on her. These are genius! I think I'll have to get her some!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x