Saturday, 3 May 2014

Alfie- You're One!

Alfie- Bear, You're One.

One year since you came into my life and changed my life for the better. You've changed so much in the last year and I cant believe how quick the year has flown by. You've gone from a tiny little baby to a toddler- Im so proud of all you do and I love how you know me so well too. Your daddy and I have decided to split up so we can both concentrate on you and make sure your happy and you've tried your best to cheer me up and you always come up to me, put your head on me and say 'awwww'. Your cuddles cheer me up like nothing else, mummy has been going through a rough time and you've been so well behaved and haven't minded playing with your aunties.

Your biggest milestone this month is your walking- you've gone from taking a few wobbley steps to full on walking. Its amazing to watch your confidence grow and your so proud when your toddling around. Your picking up speed now and are often nearly running around. You know how to make everyone laugh, your a proper cheeky monkey.

You are starting to say more, you ask 'whats that?!' to everything and everyone at the moment. You are starting to communicate so i know what you want, if you want a drink you will go to the where the juice is kept and you go into the kitchen and point at the cupboards when you want something, which seems to be all the time at the moment! 

I switched your milk to cows milk, you didn't seem bothered about the change but you don't drink as much now. 

Your still wearing 9-12m clothes, and some of those are still abit big. Your filling out more now and got the cutest chubby cheeks! 
Your still in in size4 pampers nappies. 

We had a lovely little party at grandads for your birthday, lots of cake, balloons and food! 


  1. Awwww lovely letter, he's just the cutest! I would so love to meet you both one day xx

  2. Aww this is so lovely. It's amazing how much they grow and learn in a year xxx

  3. Aww this is a lovely post! He's such a little cutie x

  4. Awww he's so lovely!! The growth in personality from here is'll really enjoy it. Xx