Friday, 2 August 2013

What have we been up to this week?

Alfie& I have had a busy-ish week this week, usually we laze around I'm our jarmas and walk round the park :-P! 
On Tuesday, we went into town- if you want to see what I bought, see 'my town trip' post. 

On Thursday Alfie had his second lot of jabs in the morning, I hate taking him. It's the most awful thing ever. I feel so guilty. If I could have the injection for him I would! He screams for a little while after but then soon forgets about it. But I still feel really bad about it. I know they're for the best in the long run but I hate seeing him upset. He has one more set of injections at the end of August and then he's done till he's 12-13 months of age. I felt so awful because he had his jabs I bought him a little present! I bought him the 'baby snug' from mamas and papas. He doesn't like sitting in his bouncer anymore as he prefers to be say upright to be nosey :-P! So hopefully he'll love it. It should be coming next week.
This is Alfie when we got home from the doctors! Not bothered at all bless him.

Friday- Alfie, Zach and I went for tea at the pride of Lincoln! It was nice to spend time together because Zach is always working. It was nice and very chilled out, he told me I deserved a treat because of all I do bless him! 
We also nipped to JTF& bought some bits and bobs for our home improvement project. He's working on the garden at the moment so we bought fence paint and a sprayer! Obviously I didn't get my hands dirty. The sprayer looks brilliant though! So quick and easy.. Better than faffing around with brushes! It was only £9-99 too! Bargain, and worth it. 

On Saturday- my boyfriend was sorting the garden out so me& Alfie sat in the sun and watched him. 


  1. Awww how cute is Alfie. I need to start featuring my little George on my blog posts. Loved reading about him. I also HATED the injections. Heartbreaking isnt it! xx

  2. Great update. :) Jabs are awful, thankfully mines had his till his birthday
    Outfits are so cute! :) I've been taking pictures of baby in different outfits he wears. If I wasn't so cautious, and decided to keep baby off unsecure sites, I'd do a 'Babies Outfit Of The Day post'. :)
    Good luck with home improvements. We've started on our garden and bought some fence paint and a sprayer.. I wasn't allowed to use it (mans job apparently!), but your right, it did look fun. :)


  3. You have one absolutely gorgeous little boy!:-)