Monday, 23 September 2013


Every pregnant lady gets the talk at the midwife appointments about breastfeeding, you get told that breast is best. My midwife was quite young and reminded me that I didn't have to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. She was a star really, it's so old fashioned now that every women should breastfeed. The formula milks are just as good these days to be honest. 

During pregnancy I said I'd try it and see how it goes. Well I did try and see how it went and it was fine. Didn't mind it at all! Alfie knew exactly what to do and he latched on as soon as he got put on my breast. It was great. If you've read my birth story you will know I wasn't well at all afterwards so the midwives decided it was best I didn't breast feed. So he was on a bottle very early and he's fine, he's a very strong boy and very clever so it's done him no harm what so ever. 

I wish I wasn't so ill after his birth because I really did want to breastfeed. Formula is quite expensive now and sterilising bottles can be abit of a chore but it's what ever you feel comfortable doing. 

Don't feel bad for what ever you decide :-) breast isn't best for everybody. 

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  1. While I completely agree that no woman should be made to feel bad because of the way they feed their baby - and that's irrelevant of whether or not it's because of circumstance or choice (a woman's boobs are that woman's business!) - this line... "The formula milks are just as good these days to be honest" is wrong.

    Formula milk is a nutritionally adequate replacement for breast milk that allows babies to thrive when breast milk isn't available, but it isn't, and will never be as "good" as breast milk, no matter what the adverts tell you. Breast milk contains hundreds of antibodies, living cells, enzymes, and hormones that cannot be replicated in formula and it's these cells that boost immunity etc.