Saturday, 10 August 2013

Letter to Alfie

To my gorgeous little Alfie, 

I'm writing this as your playing on your play mat, you keep shouting and screaming at your monkey so I'm not sure what he's done wrong but your not happy with him! Your so funny when you shout at your toys, your such a clever boy and I'm very proud to call you my son. 

Your a very happy boy and always have big smiles for mummy& daddy. Your very chilled out& love playing on your playmat. You can lay for ages just playing with your toys. 

Your not very keen about being on your front but we're getting there, you did half a roll over the other day but your arm stopped you from going all the way, your still not sure how to move it out the way yet. 

You love it when mummy and daddy stand you up, you look so proud of yourself and you like sitting up. You just want to do things that we do! But I want you to stay a baby. But I know you can't be a baby forever. 

You can be quite clingy with mummy but I secretly love it. I will have to get you out of it soon or you won't ever leave my side when your older and need to go to nursery. 

You have a routine now, you wake up around7, & go to sleep at9ish. You have 3naps through the day too! 

Mummy and daddy are thinking about weaning you soon. We only have a couple of weeks until your 4months so we will try and wait till then. You always want our food so your trying to tell us you need more than milk! And your hands are constantly in your mouth. Not sure if your teething abit as well. You are starting to feed yourself abit now, it's so cute. 

You still love going out in your pram, your not keen on the car seat anymore and are trying to pull yourself up put of it constantly. So we use the 'big boy' chair now so you can see more. 

We are going on our first holiday next month and I can't wait to take you.

I love you forever& always, 

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