Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What have we been doing this week

The start of this week has just been about my bloomin' iPhone. On Sunday, the screen smashed- not impressed! I rang EE up& they say if i took it to an apple shop they would fix it or replace it as its still in warranty. So on the Monday I went into town to the Apple shop, I was pretty annoyed actually because I dragged Alfie out in the cold and they said that they couldn't even do anything about my phone there and that I would have to go to a bigger apple store... Well the nearest 'bigger' Apple shop is over an hour away from here and it's ridiculous. They are still an Apple shop? I couldn't use my phone with a shattered screen as it was quite hard to read anything (not good when trying to blog)! So because I'm so impatient I went to a phone repair shop, it cost me £49.. The lad there did it straight away& it took about 20mins, i was quite impressed. Until I got home that is.. My phone just randomly decided to switch off, I plugged in the charger and it came back on so I didn't really think anymore about it. On Tuesday morning I woke up and my phone was dead, which is normal because  I'm always checking my twitter timeline and my Instagram. I plugged my phone in and it didn't do anything, I left it for about 15mins plugged in and nothing was happening so I quickly got dressed and went back to the 'fonedoctor' they sorted out for me quickly. So my phone now works again! Yay.. 

It is my sisters 21st birthday on Saturday but she was going to join my family in Scarborough on the Saturday (jealous) so Wednesday I spent the day with her. It was lovely to catch up with her actually as we don't see each other much after I've had Alfie and She's moved into her own house! We are both so grown up! Haha :-). We coloured each others hair, this is the first time she's coloured my hair and she did a pretty good job and I have high standards being an hairdresser so yay to her! I've been bleached blonde for around a year now but decided that I will have to go back to my natural colour because I don't have time or the money to have it done on a regular basis. You should of seen my roots this time, looked awful! Embarrassing!! Quite like my hair brown again. I like a change! 
 After we had our hair done we painted our nails, i painted my nails white again. I used BarryM matte white- see 'white nails' for more info! We then decided to go do some retail therapy I didn't have much money so I couldn't buy much. I always want loads when I haven't got much money in the bank. I bought a coral maxi dress from primark and a stripe military style top from New look& some Kelly Brook bronzer. I will use it and review it for you when I get round to it, it is quite a shimmery bronzer. 
I couldn't not buy Alfie anything so I bought him 2packs of dribble bibs, he dribbles all the time and constantly has his hand in his mouth and they look abit cuter than big bibs! They are from next and I also bought him a panda romper from there too. 

We then went out for tea, was lovely to chill out with her! I never usually miss her birthday but because she's going on holiday this year for it, it won't be practical to take Alfie.

I've only left him for a couple of hours so it was quite hard and I couldn't stop thinking about how he was. I knew he would be fine with his daddy but can't help but worry! He was very happy to see me when I get home, which was lovely and he couldn't stop smiling at me! 💙

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