Saturday, 17 August 2013

Alfie's goodies!

As you know, I can't go anywhere without buying Alfie anything so yep you guessed it.. He's had a few bits this week! I love my boy so much that I can't help but spoil him! 

He eventually got his baby snug- we have been waiting over 2weeks for it which I was abit annoyed with me anyway and then when it came it was the wrong colour. I ordered the blue one but they sent the green one, I had waited so long for it that I can't be doing with sending it back.. So he now has a green baby snug.
He does love being in it bless him! He thinks it great. He has been watching peppa pig while sitting in it& he also ended up watching Barbie.. He seemed to like it! Bless him 

I bought him some tiger pyjamas from mothercare, I love him in novelty clothes. He looks so sweet in them. He already has the zebra, bee& dinosaur ones! So had to get the tiger ones to add to the collection! 

I nipped to next (as I do every week)& bought Alfie some more clothes to add to his3-6 month wardrobe. He isn't actually in his 3-6 month clothes yet, even though he is 4months in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll be in them soon, he's got loads of cute things that he can't fit in yet. 
We are going on our first family holiday next month so hopefully he'll be in them then :-)! 

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  1. Love the little outfits you have bought him! We both have such similar tastes! Were we prefer clothes to be like little mini me clothes rather than anything overly babyish! x