Thursday, 22 August 2013

Alfie Update-2

Alfie will be 4months in a weeks time. I know everybody says this but where does the time go? I never believed anyone when they told me that once I've had Alfie, the time will go so quick but they were right! It only seems like last week I was laying in that hospital bed with my newborn baby beside me. It's amazing how much he has learnt during the first 4months of life, babies are clever. 
Physically- he is still as active as ever. If I leave him on the playmat and nip and get something he is facing the other way when I get back down. He still isn't sure about being on his tummy, but he is starting to move his legs& lift his bum up. He likes to sit up straight, if we lay him down anywhere he lifts his head up. He can't sit unsupported yet so we bought him a mamas and papas baby snug. He loved this, it was worth the money because he sits in it for ages. It has a tray so we put him some toys on there to play with& he's happy as larry. The snug is around £40 and will be perfect if your child likes to be sat up. He loves being on his feet but it aches our arms after a while so I think I may have to purchase a door bouncer, I know for a fact he would love it! 
I've bought Alfie a new car seat, he is getting a little big for his group0 car seat so I've bought a combination car seat that will last him till around4. I bought the maxi-cosi opal combination. It looks so comfy, all the maxi-cosi car seats do. They're brilliant quality!

EmotionalDevelopment- He still very rarely cries, he has his moments if he's overly tired or people are fussing but he is generally a very happy baby. He had massive smiles on his face for the most of the day. He knows how to get our attention by coughing& he has an attention noise that we always run to. He just smerks at us when we run to make sure he's ok, he has us wrapped round his little fingers! 

Social development- he doesn't really like anyone at the moment, he doesn't mind when people are talking to him and he's sat on mine or daddy's knee but if people start passing him round like a doll he isn't so keen. He is very much like me, I hate people fussing around me.. It gets annoying. He is ok with people after a while but as soon as people see him they jump straight in trying to hold him and getting in his face so I don't blame at all. Alfie is now a member of the sure start centre so will be taking him to some activities soon, so I'll have to see how he gets on.

Feeding- I think he is ready for weaning but everyone keeps saying, babies don't need to wean until 6months. I'm asking for advice and getting no where. My instinct is telling me to try something new but then I've got people in my ear telling me not to! I had a lady say to me if you start to early, you'll make your child obese ..oh right cheers. 
Any advice, send it my way! 
He has started to feed himself now, if he's hungry he'll get hold of his bottle and do it himself.

Alfie's baby snug! 

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  1. Aww he is so adorable AND he rarely cries! You got lucky there! :) xx