Thursday, 8 August 2013


I'm thinking about weaning Alfie, he is 15weeks old in 2days but not sure if I should start before 4months or not. 

He is starting to want so much milk at the moment. He has been having a 9oz bottle of Aptamil First Milk every3 hours, he sometimes even wants it before that. We tried him on the Aptamil HungryMilk& he still wanted more than the recommended 180ml bottle of Milk, And he was still having the hungry milk every3hours. 

He constantly has his hands in his mouth sucking them and tries to suck ours if we're holding his hands. He also has been trying to get our noses when we're holding him. 

Shall I wean him now or wait?! I'll ring the health visitor and see what's she says but was wondering if any other mums have experienced this? 


  1. I waited until three months with William, because I wanted to try baby-led weaning and it's recommended that you wait until then to do that. I know every baby is different, but I found, as William discovered his hands, he'd be constantly chewing them and other things too. I know a few people that have started with a few spoonfuls of baby rice around four months, which may be worth a go? Their tummies aren't quite ready for much more than that at this age, but maybe it will solve things for you. :) xx

  2. The current guidelines are six months and for good reasons. Babies tummy s are far too under developed to deal with food before then.
    It sounds to me like he's going through a growth spurt where he will want more milk and more often. Just give him more milk, ignore the "guidelines" on the back of the tin. Every baby is different, we gave a lot more some months and a lot less in others. Demand feeding is the best kind. The sucking of his hands is where he has learnt he is able to do so and is not just a sign he is hungry. Please speak to your health visitor if still worried :-) x

  3. My little one has been putting his hands and anything else in his mouth for a little while.. more so lately, but I think its more starting sign's of teeth and sore gums.
    My friend started weaning her son at 4 months as he had a bit appetite, but iv waited to 5 months with mine.
    He hasn't been keen on baby rice, he prefers the porrige. I then give him Heinz Cauliflower&Broccoli at tea time. With his normal bottles around this. Next week im going to statt pureeing my own veg for him. :) x

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