Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy starts door bouncer

Alfie is a very active little boy and loves to be on his feet, he can hold his own weight but I have to support him. This is fine for a while but it does hurt my arms after a little bit.

My mum treated Alfie to the happy starts door bouncer, I've been going on about getting one for ages and she decided to buy one for him. It is a brilliant quality product but Alfie is still too small for it. He can't quite touch the floor and the seat part seems to drown him.. This one is ideal for a 6months+ baby so he does have a couple of months until he will fit into it properly. 

At the moment, we use it as a swing. He loves it when we swing him in it, he thinks its great!
He'll grow into it and I can't wait till he is bigger so he can bounce away in it :-) 

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