Thursday, 20 March 2014

Muslin Clothes- An Essential!

Ok, so they aren't really magic. But they are fabulousss

I only just recently bought muslin cloths for Alfie. 
I'm not really sure why i didn't buy any before but i wish i had. 

They are brilliant for wiping up milk and spills. 
Perfect for catching baby sick (we're past that stage now but it would of saved alot of clothing changes for me and Alfie!!)
They keep the sun out your babys eyes in the summer. 
They are a brilliant lightweight blanket.
They are comforters for alot of babies! 

They have so many uses so are a MUST have baby essential! 
Get them on your baby list mummies to be! 

Blooming Boo


  1. Yay you linked up. Totally agree that muslin cloths are must have items. Arthur also likes playing peekaboo with them :) xx

  2. I love my muslin cloths. We use them for anything and everything from tea towels to actual nappies! Just chuck them on a hot wash and your ready to go again, no matter what yucky things you did with it last! I still have some that are older than 3 of my children!