Tuesday, 22 October 2013

About Me- Tag

First off tell us your name and what you do.. 
I'm emma, and I'm a mummy to my beautiful Alfie. Before i had Alfie I worked in a salon& worked in retail. 

I live at home with..
My boyfriend Zach, who I've been with for nearly3years. And our gorgeous baby Alfie. 

My favourite thing to do is..
There's a few things I love doing, going for walks with my little family. Shopping- I love spending money!

My favourite thing to eat is.. 
I love dominos pizza! 

When I get cross I..
Ignore the person, I don't do confrontation!

Sometimes I worry because..
I don't worry about much really. I worry about my how the future is going to be when Alfie grows up. I'll just bring him up the best I can and hope everything's ok

My favourite book is..
I don't read much since being at school, I have read the Katie price books but I wouldn't read them again

My favourite toy is..
My iPhone, I do use it an awful lot!

I dislike..
Brussel sprouts! And being told what to do and how to bring up my child! 

When I grow up I want be.. 
I always said I wanted to be a hairdresser and I am! I have changed my mind and would now love to be a midwife! I absolutely love babies, and I think it would be amazing to look after all the little babies. Don't think I'm clever enough though

Thankyou for tagging me to do this Jenna, these tags are a great way to get to know everyone! 

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