Monday, 10 March 2014

The ordinary moments- Cuddles and Kisses

Now that Alfie is older we rarely get a cuddle, he's always on the go and everything he sees he wants, so having a cuddle is a very rare occurance now a days. Until bedtime that is! He will only fall asleep cuddling me at the moment but I love it. It's nice to have a cuddle with him at nap time and after a busy day before he goes to the land of nod. 

He's recently learnt that if we say cuddle he will put his arm round your neck and rest his head on your shoulder, it's so adorable.

He also kisses us if we ask for a kiss, he comes towards us with his mouth wide open and you get a face full of slobber!!

He's only 10months but he's such a lovely boy already. 

Alfie's kisses and cuddles make my day so much nicer and they always cheer me up!


  1. What a cute little smile! There is nothing like baby cuddles xx

  2. What a beautiful photo, look at the way he is smiling at you. Cuddles and kisses are by FAR the best thing about being a Mummy I think. x

  3. Can't beat a cuddle with your baby! The best feeling ever :)