Monday, 24 March 2014

Alfie First Birthday Present Ideas

I can't believe my baby will be 1 in a months time. It doesn't feel five minutes ago that i was waddling around with a massive bump and giving birth to my baby and now hes a whole year old! The years used to last forever but having a baby speeds up everything! He'll be stroppy teenager before i know it!

 However, Todays post is about the present ideas i have for alfie, he has everything he needs so its quite hard to think about what to get him but i've come up with a few things that i have decided i might get for him. 

Mamas and Papas Rocking Animal- I've always loved these rocking animals, they're bright and colourful and look great fun for babies. I wanted to get one for Alfie for christmas but they are recommended for a year and over so I didn't bother and decided to wait until his first birthday to get him one.

Vans- He does already have some vans but he is in size4 shoes now so there is so much more choice.I love white plimsolls but i know as he gets older they will just get so dirty, so for now he still sits in a pram i'll get him white. He only has grey vans at the moment and they only look nice with jeans but not so keen on them with other trousers. These white ones will go with his chinos and little joggers. 

Clothes- He will most likely get clothes the next size up for his birthday so they are there ready for him to grow into! I've seen a few bits on Zara that i want for him. And of course, there are some bits from next I would like for him too! 

Books- I love reading books and I love reading to Alfie- we already have a few but I would like to build Alfie's collection up abit more so we will be getting more for him! 

Photo Frame- you probably don't think this is very exciting but hopefully Alfie will having his own room soon so I've decided to get a collection of photos in a frame ready for his own room. I can't believe that he's been in the world a year in a months time!! 


  1. Aw, it does fly by doesn't it!
    I love the rocking animal, but we'd already bought some big toys, so wouldn't of had any space left!lol
    Through sales, my little boy is kitted out in clothes till he's 3, I'm always 2 sizes in So we didn't get him any clothes for his birthday.
    Wow you've done well to keep him in your room this long! He put baby in his own from 3 months! :)
    We got baby an activity cube, a trike, a bucket of mega blocs, some books and Gruffalo bits. :)
    I've already started shopping for Christmas! :p


  2. It goes waaay to quickly! The vans are adorable, I want to get some or converse for E when he's on the move! I've already got a few bits for his birthday xx

  3. Already a year old?! CAn't wait to see his birthday post, his face is going to be even smilier than normal! xx