Thursday, 6 March 2014

My body after pregnancy and birth.

After going through pregnancy your body is bound to be different, if your body snaps back to how it was your so lucky.

Before pregnancy I was a size 10, I was happy enough with my body. It wasn't perfect and I had put on weight before I got pregnant as I ate lots with my boyfriend because I was comfortable and content with him. 

During pregnancy I ate more and more, I just wanted food all the time! Lots of takeaways and the odd healthy foods thrown into the mix! 

My chest stayed the same size, my breasts didn't grow during my pregnancy. However, after having Alfie when my milk was coming in they looked massive and was rock hard. Having a section I couldn't put a bra on so they were quite painful really, I didn't breast feed so I didn't have much relief in that department! 

I got stretch marks, which is inevitable. It didn't bother me too much, I wanted them in a way but they came with a vengeance! I didn't have any up until 34weeks then I got a couple on my sides and under my bump and gradually throughout the rest of the pregnancy I got them all over my bump. My bump was covered! Now after 10months of pregnancy the stretch marks are fading but because they were deep you can still see them. 

After giving birth to Alfie, I still had abit of a tummy, it took a couple of weeks for my tummy to shrink back down. I still looked pregnant. Also, due to having a cesarean, I have an overhang of skin now. Which would be sorted out with exercise and diet, I haven't got down to doing any excerise yet, I try to go for walks with Alfie as much as I can but with the cold weather we haven't managed to get out as much as I would like to. 

I'm not the sort of person that is overly bothered about their body, I grew a baby and even though my body has changed I'm quite happy and content with my life at the moment. I won't be rushing off to the gym any time soon!


  1. Sound pretty normal for pregnancy, not sure anyone completely springs back afterwards. Glad you're happy as you are. Thanks for your post. x

  2. Nice post hun. I wish I could be less bothered about mine. I just get so down about it which is pathetic when I know how blessed I am to have had Arthur. I wish I could be more confident but having had eating problems when I was a youngster, I can't see myself shaking those negative thoughts ever :( xx

  3. Pretty sure all I did during my pregnancy was eat haha. I don't regret it though, it was a brilliant excuse as I can't use it anymore haha xx

  4. I was 4 stone heavier than when I got pregnant when I gave birth! Some was water retention, some was a huge amniotic sac (ick) but most was cake. I too have a c section overhang and my stretch marks arrived at 37 weeks annoyingly but hey, I have a beaut of a baby and I'd not change it for the world!