Friday, 4 April 2014

Alfie 11Month update.

Alfie is 11 months old, who would have thought the time would go so fast! 
He changes so much all the time, its amazing to watch but i'm sad that hes not my tiny baby anymore. 

He is now walking, he is so proud of himself when he is toddling around and i'm so proud of him too. He walks around with a massive smile on his face and he always gets up and walks when we go see family and friends. He likes to show off his new skill. Hes getting quicker and quicker at it everyday. Its quite sad for me that he'll never be that baby that just lays there playing on a playmat or sitting in a bouncer anymore, But i suppose they can't stay babies forever. 

He loves his food, he would eat all day if he could. He has three meals- breakfast, dinner and tea. He has a snack mid-afternoon too. He is still drinking Aptimal First Milk in the morning and at night. And he drinks apple and blackcurrant diluted juice throughout the day. We had trouble getting him to drink out of anything but a bottle but we bought an oxo tot cup that grows with your child and hes got used to that one very quickly. We are going to start introducing whole cows milk soon, he already has it on cereal but we are going to start putting it into bottle either his morning or bedtime bottle. I'll let you know how we get on with the transition. 

He is now in 9-12 months clothes- with lots of room in them so i think we will be in them a little while longer. He always a little behind on his clothes but he is quite a slim build so he just doesn't fill them out. I'm not sure why he isn't chubbier though he eats loads!! I'm sure he'll get abit chubbier when hes drinking cows milk too! He's still in size4 pampers nappies.  

He enjoys being a cheeky monkey at the moment, if you ask him to do something he shakes his head or nods. He tends to go for the shaking head more than nodding though. He will play with his toys for a little while- he does prefer to play with things he shouldnt be. His faves are the dvds, switching the sky box on and off, turning the tele round (it swivels round), opening the cupboard under the stairs, chucking our shoes all over.. Just a few of his favourite games for you there. Haha! He likes to make us laugh, he likes to turn his head really quick back and forth when me and his daddy are chatting. It makes me laugh but then he laughs too, he knows hes funny. 

Birthday wise- I havent decided what we're doing yet, and i havent really bought anything either. I bought him some little ted baker shorts and some plimsolls and thats it so far for presents. I'm thinking of getting bath toys for him, he has lots of toys that he doesn't really play with so i need to sort out what he doesnt play with and buy him a couple of news one. 

This boy loves to talk- hes always babbling to himself and there are some words you can tell what they are. He says, 'dada', 'mama', 'yes', 'no', 'tickle', 'don't know'. Hes constantly screaming and shouting. Hes always been really queit when were out and about but recently he's been one of those babies that screams and shouts and then you can hear another baby screaming and shouting at the other end of the shop and they keep doing it. Haha, Its quite funny but i dont like the way people look at him when hes doing it. He's a baby, hes going to make noise! 

He still has his dummy, i've been told i should get rid but i can't. He likes one in his mouth when hes going to sleep and he doesn't have it in the day now. He doesnt wake for it if it falls out in the night so i'll leave him be for a little while longer. 

He still loves bath time, he loves the bubbles and he puts them on his hand and just sits there laughing at them for ages! Strange child haha! He likes doing big splashes and wetting us and he pretends to swim too. 

Hes grown up so much this past year, i cant believe hes even going to be one!! 


  1. Lovely update :) and I don't think you need to worry about getting rid of the dummy. Kai is the same and only has it of a night time. As long as he doesn't obsess over having it all the time you're ok :) how sweet when he plays little games with you! Can't wait for when kai does things like that. But ill enjoy him as a baby for now as like you said, time goes by so fast! Xx

  2. Wow hasn't that soon came around. Rio didn't like cows milk as a drink at first so we put a tiny bit of milkshake powder in until he got used to it then stopped..he soon loved it. So much easier than making up formula. I bet him saying tickle is super cute!!

  3. Wow that has gone really quickly babe, thanks for sharing though it's a nice update. Don't be too sad he's growing up, there will be lots of fun times ahead xxx

  4. Wow! I can't believe Alfie is going to be 1 already!! This is a lovely update, looking forward to the next one.x