Monday, 29 July 2013

What have we been up to?

What have we been up to? That's a good question, however the answer is slightly boring I'm afraid. We haven't done much at all. Been for walks to the shop& went into town and i bought Alfie some goodies! (See Alfie's goodies post) I spoil him way to much, he is worth it though! 

I got a £100 gift card from M&S for joining sky, I was very happy about this and got on the Internet straight away. I bought a new kettle, make up &a wicker heart for the window (they look so cute). 
I can't wait to get my order! I'm a shopaholic! 

We got out and about this weekend though as it was my cousins wedding and we were invited to the reception. It was held outside & yes, in true summer spirit it rained! Alfie was not impressed at all, being surrounded by all these noisy people and it was quite chilly! So me& Alfie set off early and went home and got into our jarmas! At least my extended family got to briefly meet him, even if he was Mardy :-P! 

On Sunday, my dads friends new baby daughter got christened, we didnt go to the church as I thought Alfie would not be able to stay quiet for long so we met everyone at the party. It was quite nice to go it was a small gathering so Alfie didnt mind so much. 

Alfie got to wear his shirt (Alfie's goodies post) as it wasn't too hot. He looked so cute and grown up! 

Alfie was 3months old on Saturday, where is the time going?! He's such a clever boy, I must write an update on him to let you all know what he's now doing and how he's developing. 

My gorgeous boys who I love to bits! 

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