Friday, 26 July 2013

Alfie's goodies

I've bought Alfie a few goodies this week, there's never really a week that I don't buy him anything. He has everything he possibly needs but you know how it is- we have to spoil our babies! 

After the birth of the royal baby- Prince George Alexander Louis, tommee tippee revealed that they had made limited edition royal baby bottles that were available at Mothercare. I jumped on the Internet as soon as I found out and ordered my prince a bottle! They are so cute, I would like another for him really! They have a bunting design and soldiers design on the boy version and the girls have carriages and a bunting design! 

He is growing so quickly that he is now wearing 3-6month old sleepsuits, he would still fit in 0-3 if his legs weren't so long. His top half is still in new born sizes. Weird! I bought him some more 3-6 sleepsuits to start his collection. These ones were half price so perfect time to buy him some

I got him this cute little bodysuit too, I just couldn't resist! 

I bought him some new soothers, as he is 3months tomorrow he has now moved up a size so I thought I best buy some to add to his collection as I can never find them when I need them. He doesn't really need his soothers anymore but I do use them at night to get him to sleep and also take one out with us just incase he's Mardy! I choose avent ones, all his other dummies are tommee tippee but thought I would give these ones a try. 

I bought this shirt for Alfie for a christening we are going to on Sunday so I would quite like it if it cooled down abit so he can wear it. I'll probably put this shirt with his navy chinos :-) 

I also bought Alfie some more converses, he's growing out of his size1 ones, when I find something I like I buy it in every size :-P oops! Don't tell my boyfriend!! 

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