Sunday, 21 July 2013

What have we been up to?

It's been too hot this week to do much really, so we've been chilling out at home. We've been for a few walks but even I was getting hot& bothered. 

We went to the doctors on Monday because Alfie still has a cough which he has had for about a month, the doctor just told us to leave it and it will get better on its own. 

On Wednesday, we went to the sure start children's centre so that I could weigh him. He weighs 12lb12oz, he's getting so big. He loved seeing all the other babies! I've signed him up for some baby groups, can't wait for him to start them :-) 

Last night my boyfriends mum and stepdad had a BBQ, it was lovely to catch up with them. It did start raining after we finished our food though! Typical weather- always rains at our BBQ's.

I'm quite thankful that its cooling down, Alfie is in a happier mood when it's cooler and I'm not keen on the sun really! Because it was cooler today we went for a walk to sainsburys, he loves being in his pram!   

What has everyone else been up to this week?? Xx


  1. Apart from working, we've been getting the garden ready to be re-turfed (Rio cant wait to actually take his toy lawnmower outside, living in vests and making the most of the sunshine in the park!! Alfie's so cute!!!