Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What's in Alfies changing bag?

As most women know we carry everything in our handbags and I'm no different. More so now that I've had a baby! I chuck everything in because I never know what I'm going to need.

I Love my 'handbag' my boyfriend bought me it when I first had Alfie, it's big enough to be a change bag so I do use it for Alfie's bits and bobs when we are out and about. This bag is from Accessorize, we got it for £27-00 as its in the sale and still is so grab a bargain girls. The bag is so strong and sturdy that it doesn't matter if I chuck everything in it as its strong enough to carry the weight! I recommend for any mum to be as use for a change bag! It's stylish but also practical! 

I never go anywhere without my purse, I got this from river island. It fits so much in it. I need to sort it out really, it's got receipts in there from months ago! 

These sunglasses are from Avon! They are Lipsy and are so cute! They have pink arms and little bows on the side, very girly. They are limited addition and I'm not sure if you can still get them in Avons most recent brochure. I always keep my sunglasses in my bag as if I'm looking abit rough, I just slip them on and hide my face! I usually have aviators but I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them!

I'm in love with this perfume, I go through phases of liking a certain perfume and I just wear it constantly! This one was a present from Alfie for my birthday so tying not to waste it :-) and also it's expensive! 

Never go anywhere without this! Especially in this hot weather. It's one of the miniature ones so quite handy just to chuck in your bag. This one was actually from out my hospital bag when I had Alfie :-).

Alfie has not had nappy rash yet (touch wood), I still apply it everytime I change it for protection against the wetness in his nappy! 

Scratch mitts- 
I carry some with me wherever I go as Alfie's nails grow so bloomin' quick! He got a thing for scratching his head and face, he has a little bit of ezcema, which he got from me so I try to keep his nails short but have these with me just incase! When he was around a month old, he had a bit of baby acne- apparently some babies get it from hormones from there mother but I had to keep him from scratching his face and it's got a lot better now!

i always take this little bear with us when we go out, Alfie can get a bit restless when we're out and about so this little bear keeps his occupied for a bit and he falls asleep cuddling him. We have one for out and about and one in his Moses basket! 

I take one with me just incase he becomes unsettled, he doesn't really like sucking his dummy anymore. He just spits it out but if he's really tired he will suck on it and fall asleep! 

Baby wipes-
Always carry these obviously to change nappies and also to keep him clean. I'm a little obsessed with keeping his face clean after him having his spots. 

Carton of milk& a sterilised bottle-
Alfie loves his milk and I can never guarantee when he will want his next feed so I have to be prepared! The cartons are so easy, just snip the end off and pour it into your bottle! They can drink it room temp or you can heat it up for them. They are a lifesaver really! Remember their bibs too! 

These are obviously essentials! Make sure you take 3-5 nappies out with you, depending on how long you are going to be. Need to make sure your always ready if they fill there nappy! 

In this weather, i always carry around a bottle of water for Alfie. Must be horrible for babies when they can't tell us they are hot so keep them hydrated! :-)
That's everything I have in my bag today, hope this may help mums to be to know what to take with them when they are taking there little ones out! Xx

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