Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ted baker baby

While we were in Scarborough this week (blog post up soon), I went to debenhams. I really love that shop for clothes for Alfie, it's my second fave from next. The clothes are brilliant quality as the price suggests! I spent £65 on these bits 

I fell in love with these jeans as soon as I saw them, I really like cuffed jeans on boys. I think they're really cute and look great with tiny shoes. They were £22.

The joggers are so cute and great for whipping on and off for nappy changes, they were pricey at £16 but I loved them that much. 

My boyfriend chose the polo shirt, it goes really well with the joggers and it does suit him. It was £15.

The socks are great, they're thick- perfect for the upcoming cold weather! They weren't too expensive either considering you get 5pairs. Those were £12. 

I like my boy looking smart, I know he's sick on them but at least he still looks smart in the process. And we were on holiday and he deserves a treat. (Even though he is spoilt anyway.. Oops). 

Any ladies shop at debenhams for baby clothes? 


  1. Ive never really seen anything that's caught me eye..sometimes I find it abit weird stylewise but Rio was bought a lovely ted baker top for his birthday so may have to give itt another go , hope you had a great holiday x

    1. We had a lovely holiday thanks hunni, very late reply! Sorry xx

  2. Awwww lucky little man they look sooooooc cute :)