Monday, 9 September 2013

Alfie's goodies

Hey ladies, hope you are all well! 

Today I took a trip into town, my sister had an order to pick up from new look so I thought I'd tag along.. Even though I dont have money to spend. 

I bought a maxi dress from primark a couple of weeks ago& you could see all my lumps and bumps so decided its best I didn't wear it so thought I'd take it back today and swap it for something else. I don't usually like primark but I thought if I looked hard enough I would find something. You guessed it, I went straight to the baby boy section. The only thing that annoys me in primark is the boys clothes start at 9-12months. Why? It's so annoying! They do have some really cute things but all to big for my boy. I did manage to find this little hoodie. In a charcoal colour with little ears on the hood! It will look ace with some jeans and his toms. I also bought him some monsters inc. bibs from there too. He loves monsters inc. and they are well sweet :-). 

I nipped to debenhams and bought him this little ted baker hat, we are going on holiday to the seaside a week today so if its sunny like it has been then I need to protect his little bald head and it was only £5 in the sale! BARGAIN! 

You know me ladies if I'm shopping, I ALWAYS go to next! And yep, I came out with a couple of items! A little quilted jacket with a panda inside and a flat cap. I've wanted to get him a flat cap for agessss! He does look abit like a chimney sweeper with it on but he does look so sweet. 

I nipped to Mothercare& bought Alfie some more Tommee Tippee vari-flow teats, he seems to get on better with those so I thought I would get more for him. 


  1. Lucky boy!! That jacket with the panda in is adorable :)

  2. What a lucky boy you have there. By the way, I very much love your choice in hat! :-) x

  3. Love baby boys clothes. Flat caps are so adorable! X

    New mummy blogger :-)

  4. Rios got the most adorable monster inc top from next! Lovely bits..the coats lovely.