Sunday, 22 September 2013

Alfie's first holiday

I was worried that Alfie wouldn't like being away from home but he actually loved being on holiday, we went to the seaside- Scarborough. We stayed at haven reighton sands, we have been there before and we chose that one because its quiet and perfect for a little family holiday. On the first day we went for dinner to the on site restaurant& then we went to walk to the beach, it was down quite a steep hill and with a pram it was quite difficult. So the boyfriend was on pram pushing duty! The weather was abit chilly so Alfie just looks like a blanket as he was all snugly in his pushchair! 
We always go to the sealife centre when we go on holiday, it gives us something to do when were there especially because the weather wasn't amazing. Alfie loved it, he watching all the sealife creatures swimming and dancing around. He loved all the colours, and lights too. He loved the seals the most because they were splashing around and he found it funny!
I couldn't go to the seaside and not have a ice cream! It was yummy!! 
We went to a little place called Filey, there wasn't much there to be honest but it was nice to walk along the sea front and it is a gorgeous place.
Here are some photos of Scarborough, would recommend it if you fancy a little quiet break!