Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mamas and papas baby snug

Today I thought i would review Alfie's baby snug from mamas and papas, I love this little chair. We use it all the time and Alfie absolutely loves it! You can use it from 3months so it's perfect for helping to learn them to sit up. Alfie didn't like laying down anymore, he preferred to be upright so we bought this for that reason. To the replace the bouncer. The tray can be removed& put on very easily! 

It comes in handy for meal times, he sits in it& we sit on the floor with him and feed him his puréed fruit& veg. Obviously we won't always use this, we will need to get a high chair but for now it does the job and it's the same sort of concept that you sit at a table when eating. 

We also use it when I'm doing the housework, if I'm in the kitchen washing up and doing the laundry, he'll sit in it watching me and I put some toys on the tray and he's quite happy.  

I would definatley recommend this little chair for your little ones. It comes in different colours too. This chair retails at around £40 but I would say its worth the money! It is the same sort of thing as the 'bumbo', the bumbo is a little cheaper than this version, I prefer this one. 

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