Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stretch marks

Most women when going though pregnancy will get stretch marks, if you don't then your very lucky. I wasn't one of those lucky ones that didn't, I thought I was. I had no stretch marks what so ever until 35 weeks and then they came with a vengeance. My bump was absolutely covered and my tummy still is covered in them. They are starting to go white but taking there time. 

It is said that if you use creams& lotions+potions then you won't get them but nothing is going to stop them i dont think! I so believe in looking after your bump and moisturising it, it needs some TLC after all the stretching it is doing to accommodate your ever growing baby.

I moisturised ALOT but not because I wanted to prevent the stretch marks, because Alfie loved it! He would kick& move around while I was rubbing my cream in and he loved my touch. 

I used two different moisturisers. 
The spa sanctuary mum to be cream and the stretch mark cream by mum& me. They are both lovely to use& both smell gorgeous! 

It's quite sad that people think they're disgusting when they're tummy is covered in them. It's what happens when your pregnant and should be proud of your body. It carried your baby and nourished your unborn child for 9months. 

I still can't get over the fact that our bodies can make babies! It's amazing isn't it? 

How bad were your stretch marks? And how long did they take to fade? What creams does everyone use? 


  1. I got them afterwards! I have been using the same cream and also their new mum firming cream, I think they pretty much fade away in time, until the next one :)

    Louise xxx

    1. I don't mind mine, means I grew a big strong boy in my tummy :-)

  2. I'm the same as Louise - I didn't get any at all, I was so smug!!! Until AFTER the baby was born - now I am literally COVERED in them.
    They are the worst stretchmarks I`ve ever seen on anybody - very dark in colour, really deep (I can feel them through my clothes if I run my hand along my tummy) and there are just so many of them, its madness.

    I keep hoping that they`ll fade but 5 months on they haven`t changed at all yet *fingers crossed*

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  3. I didn't get them til the end of my pregnancy either.. One day I caught my reflection getting in the bath and saw them under my bump... At the time I was devastated but as soon as he was born I didn't care..for him to grow I had too. There white now! I used bio oil too.. Didtn stop them.. If your guna get them ur gunna get them!

    1. Yep if your going to get them then you'll get them. They make us mummys xx