Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Weaning Update

As you know Alfie has started weaning, he didn't seem too bothered when we first started but he's really got into it now. 

We started a couple of weeks ago and we started off using Ellas Kitchen pouches and he just had one at teatime.

These past couple of days he has been having yogurts in the morning and an Ella's kitchen pouch at tea time. I tried him with a banana so he could experience baby led weaning but he didn't quite understand what to do with it. I also tried him with pasta the other day for dinner, he got used to putting it in his mouth after I showed him how. He has been having a rusk as a snack in the morning. It was messy but he loved it. 

I am really enjoying weaning, more than I thought I would! 

Are any of you weaning your little ones? How's it going? 


  1. We started a couple of weeks ago, i'm writing up a post on it soon :)
    He looks like he's enjoying that rusk!I love the faces they make

  2. Aw I love the weaning process :) X

  3. I have been weaning Eliot and some of the faces he pulls are hilarious, he is not a fan of carrot. He tried a rusk yesterday and it was such a mess :)x

  4. Bless.
    J started with porridge in the morning, then went onto porridge and half a jar in the afternoon/tea time. then we added in half a jar at lunch. We slowly added in fruit pots, yoghurt pots, bisscotis and pieces of fruit. He's recently been having toast for breakfast too. He's doesn't have a bottle at lunchtime either now. :)
    It's all fun!