Monday, 6 January 2014

Pink Lining Change Bag

All us mummies need a good changing bag, that is organised so we can find what we need without routing through for 5mins. I did used to use an oversized tote bag but it had no pockets what so ever not even for my phone so it was abit of a pain and not very organised. If you saw my Christmas wishlist then you will know I was lusting after the 'not so plain jane pink lining change bag' and guess what? I got it! Yay. I love it and it really is so much better to have an organised change bag! 

I went for the NotSoPlainJane bag as I wasn't keen on the yummy mummymotif because it's just not me. The not so plain jane is detailed enough and is the same as the yummy mummy just without the motif on the front. I went for the navy bows, but they also do pink bows and green. They are beautiful really and amazing quality! 

You wouldn't belive how detailed the bag is- it has two big pockets for nappies and wipes. Two insulated bottle holders. A  pocket for your phone. Two pockets at the sides. A big pocket on the outside too. What's more is, you get a changing mat and a wet bag, they are both covered in the trademark cupcake design which I'm not so keen on as it's just not my style. The changing mat however is so padded and comfy for Alfie. The best portable changing mat I've used so far! 

Pink lining do so many gorgeous bags and bits. I recommend taking a look at the website you might just find something you love! They do really good sales too so make sure you keep checking as you might find something you love with money off too! 


  1. I love my Pink Lining bag, they are fab! X

  2. I also love my pink lining bag, they are fantastic! x

  3. This bag is gorgeous! I want one for me and I don't even have a baby haha xx

  4. so jealous always wanted one of their bags.