Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nursery Ideas

I'm really looking forward to Alfie having his own room, he's still in a corner in our bedroom which I love as he still wakes in the night and is my alarm clock at silly o'clock! 

One day he will have his own room so I've been internet 'window' shopping. 

Here are some of my ideas for his room so far-do any of you have similar for babies nursery? 

You can tell that I'm a fan of neutral colours. I'm looking forward to doing Alfie's room when the time comes! 


  1. loving all the neutral colours x

  2. Moved Eliot into his own room tonight :( His cotbed is too big for our room and he's too big for his crib so had to be done. Love the grey, part of E's room is painted grey xx

  3. I love neutral colours. This is how we have babies room at the moment.. we have a mamas and papas range similar to your centre picture.
    But of recent, we've been thinking about what to get and what to change for when he goes into a bed. He doesn't have a 'favourite tv character or toy' yet, but there's still plenty of time, so we'll probs go with the theme of cars. I love Dunelm's Beep Beep range.
    I loved decorating babies room as it is, but I can't wait to re do it! :)


  4. We did Rio's nursery all neutral.. though we are adding more colour now he is getting older but only the quilt and bed. I didn't want to go for a character as they grow out of things so quickly..plus Rio likes peppa..peppa products are mainly pink!! Haha x

  5. I love the personalised blocks :) everything else is lovely too xx