Thursday, 16 January 2014

Baba&Boo ClothNappyReview

When I first got pregnant, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be using disposable nappies. I had piles of nappies sat waiting for Alfie to be born, I didn't even think about using cloth nappies. 

When I started my blog I saw a lot of talk about cloth nappies amongst parent bloggers, I was intrigued by this as my pre-conceived idea was that a cloth nappy is just a piece of cloth with a safety pin to keep it together. I was wrong they come in some fabulous designs and I might be a cloth nappy fanatic now! 

We were sent this gorgeous blue with skulls cloth nappy with two inserts included to try from BabaAndBoo- A company I first came across on twitter. 

I wasn't sure how these cloth nappies would work but after reading other peoples reviews. I felt more comfortable trying them out, loads of people swear by them so they must be good! 

They are fastened by poppers so you do it up as tight as you need. The material is soft and the inside is fleece material and feels nice against the skin. Some disposable nappies can be so rough and I always make sure I use barrier cream to protect the nappies rubbing on Alfie's skin. With these I don't need to because the material is soft and just sits next to the skin. Another advantage of the cloth nappies are that they don't smell like the chemicals that disposable ones have in. 

I'm so inexperienced with these so Alfie did have a leak, i think I just need to make it tighter next time which is easy using the poppers on the front. It's trial and error when you first use something new so I'm sure I'll get the hang of it better when I use it more. They do advise you wash before use and I did once but maybe it needs a couple more washs to increase absorbency levels.

Overall, I will recommend anyone to try cloth nappies. If you would like some more in depth information about using cloth nappies you can go to the BabaAndBoo Website or my lovely friend Kelly has cloth nappies for beginners post if you would like a look. You can also see one of her cloth nappy reviews here. I will be buying more for sure, so many gorgeous designs. 

Any baby will look cool in these nappies!

 *I was sent this cloth nappy for the purpose of this review but all words are my own!

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