Monday, 21 October 2013

Gro egg Review

Today I am going to review Alfie's gro egg, it's a brilliant little egg that tells you how warm your child's room is. The egg changes colour to the temperature of the room so you only need to glance over and you know if the room is too hot or too cold. 

There is a lot of talk about making sure your baby doesn't get too hot or cold while sleeping and this egg really does give you a piece of mind without having to check a thermometer, you just glance over. Even if your half asleep!

The egg colours are;
Blue- too cold 
Orange- warm
Red- too warm

Obviously because the egg is lit up all night if it's plugged in, it's also a brilliant night light to soothe baby if they wake up in the middle of the night.

The egg retails at around £19-99, I would say it's worth it and you can buy little shells to put on top of your egg to make it look a little less egg-ish! We have Mickey the Monkey. You can get an owl or a penguin too. The shells retail at about £4-99. 

I would recommend this for any babys nursery, they also do lots more on their Website. I really want to try one of the sleeping bags next, especially with the chilly winter months coming up quickly. I've got my eye on a few bits so watch this space! 


  1. The fact that this doubles up as a nightlight is great! I've been looking into nightlights and need a new thermometer as our one has said 'Too Warm' ever since I bought it! x