Friday 25 October 2013

Funky Giraffe Bibs

I have a very dribbley baby on my hands at the moment, Alfie is teething and don't I know about it! He isn't his usual happy Bonny self, he's turned into a Mardy baby that prefers to squeal than give me his big cheeky smile. 

I was moaning about all the dribble soaking his clothes and making himself cold and my friend on twitter pointed me in the direction of Funky Giraffe Bibs, they have lovely bibs and also do other bits of baby clothing. The bibs are stylish and so they go with anything. They do ranges for boys, girls and also unisex options! 

The delivery was very quick, I was so impressed when I saw them come through my letter box the day after I ordered them. 

I ordered 5bandana bibs as they have a great offer of 5bibs for £11 with free next delivery! Absolutely fantastic. 

Alfie very much approves of the bibs as they are so soft on his neck and comfortable that he just gets on with what he is doing and he's not pulling them off when playing around which he does with all his Velcro bibs, that's when he ends up with soaking wet clothes! The bibs have 2size options, so however old or young your little one is, they will fit perfectly! 

They have a range of designs so if you prefer plain or patterned they cater to your needs. 

I would recommend these fantastic bibs to any mummy or mum to be. They really are absolutely fantastic!! 

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